• Planapaloozah 2016!

    Planapaloozah 2016!

    Every Business needs a Planning Retreat to create Success & Sanity. Avoid procrastination traps and unproductive hours. Get your entire year planned with Done-4-U Templates, Masterminding and Support!
  • Group Coaching Rocks!

    Group Coaching Rocks!

    Stop spinning your wheels! This affordable program offers 1-1 hot seats every other week! Save time, nail marketing and make money now. Click this picture to learn more!
  • What’s Your Style?

    What’s Your Style?

    TSSI's the premier online tool to help folks struggling with staying organized and managing time! Productivity Professionals & Coaches: Use TSSI & earn more! I'll show you how! Click this picture to learn more!
  • Juggling Too Much?

    Juggling Too Much?

    I can help! The Mompreneur Sanity System™ promotes you from 'Worker Bee' to 'CEO'. Click picture to book free strategy session. Your sanity's only a call away.
  • Want some help?

    Want some help?

    Avoid struggle ~ Coaching saves you time and gets your biz profitable faster! Click this picture to book a complimentary strategy session. Let me help restore your sanity!
Meet The Clients We Help Most...

Mompreneur Bordering on Burnout

Busy Bernie

Too busy doing everything IN your biz, while juggling clients AND all the mom-stuff? Stop the insanity with our Mompreneur Sanity System™. Coaching helps you get organized, prioritize, systematize, delegate and make more money. Find your sweet spot between clients, tasks & family happiness!

Stuck at Start

Start-Up Stacey

Just starting out? If you’re drowning in ‘to do’s’ yet overwhelmed and not as profitable as you wish, you need the Start-up Success System™ to help you strategize, prioritize and implement. Coaching helps you develop your dream business while staying sane!

Moms in Transition

Transition Tracey

Are you considering your career options? Whether you’re currently employed or have taken a break from your career, our Relaunch Blueprint™ helps you focus and prioritize so you can kick start your next career step while maintaining your freedom & flexibility.




Biz Marketing Mastermind!

Join this amazing 6 month small group mastermind with bi-weekly 1-1 coaching & training on how to market your biz! Perfect if you’re in startup-early growth phase and need Clarity, Clients & CASH! Invest in yourself! Get support to skyrocket your success!


Hi, I’m Cena Block

Founder – SaneSpaces.com and Creator of the Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™)

Super_Cena I launched SaneSpaces.com because I wanted to help working moms get organized so they could spend their time doing the things that mattered most to them. I believe that sanity starts on the inside – by knowing what’s most important and aligning all your puzzle pieces uniquely for you to feel alive, present and vibrant!

In my ‘starter business’, I worked as a professional organizer for five years with many different types of clients. What I learned through that time, was that each person, regardless of background, status, income or job aligns with time and space differently… uniquely. And, by working within what was natural behavior for them, I could help them create lasting life-centered solutions that made a difference in their lives.

As a result, I developed of the Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™) to help people understand and accept their natural behaviors in the dimensions of time and space – and identify their individual ‘flow formula’. I use it with all my clients, and because of it’s success, it is quickly becoming the premier assessment tool in the organizing and productivity industries! The tool is helping thousands of people identify their natural style preferences and recognize the power of their choices to drive their results.

Fast Forward To Today: I help moms in business get it all done in the time they have! I love working with smart, savvy moms-on-a-mission who want to make a difference with their business while still being an active, present participant in the day in and day out of their kids’ lives! Why moms? Because I am one… and I intimately know what it takes to juggle this gig… Since I launched, my business has grown and changed. Now I focus solely on individual and group coaching, speaking and training.


Let’s connect for a complimentary cal!

My clients typically struggle to balance four key priorities: the internal drive to succeed, the desire to support their growing family, the desire to create a profitable and sustainable business, and (most importantly) the freedom to work on their own flexible terms!  Click here to learn more.

Following a step by step process we discover your ‘Solopreneur Sweet Spot‘ where you have rock solid clarity, surefire systems, and reliable support to maintain control over business and have time to attend your kids’ activities!

Create a ‘life-centered business’ in place of the exhausting ‘business-centered life’ of an entrepreneur! Want to learn how? Start here with The Sanity Strategies for Mompreneurs:

Or copy & drop this link to opt in  http://bit.ly/Sanitynow.

Have a look around the site, download a podcast or read a few blog posts… Welcome!


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Meet Our Corporate Clients
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Here's What Past Clients Share...
  • Cena Block is beyond amazing!! Every time I have a coaching session with her, my business (and my life) take a giant leap forward! I can’t even describe all the breakthroughs!  During the very first session with Cena, I was a bit overwhelmed about the growth of my business. I was still doing everything myself and had no idea what to hand off to someone, how to find the right person and how to tell them what I need them to do…without creating MORE work for me!  By the end of that session, Cena mapped out, prioritized and categorized a majority of the tasks I needed to complete. We then created a list of the top three areas of my business that I needed to delegate first in order to get the most leverage from my team.  The very next day, we hired the PERFECT operations manager and, thanks to Cena, I literally handed her 65% of my to-do list!  That allowed me to increase my time in revenue-producing work and within 4 weeks, I added $40,000 in recurring revenue to our business! Honestly, I’m a coach myself and I’m highly selective about the coaches that I would actually hire to get results for me! Working with Cena is like buying money at a discount! She’s laser sharp, super strategic, her insights are off-the-charts and she’s a total blast! I love working with her and will continue to happily pay her to coach me in the future! She’s phenomenal!!! RUN…don’t walk!! Coach with Cena now before she’s such a giant that you can’t get to her anymore!!! Stacey Martino, Founder Love And Passion Coach http://loveandpassioncoach.com

  • I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love your program… I wasn’t going to sign up originally because I don’t really feel that I have a problem with “self confidence” but am so glad I did because of course I am getting so much out of it! Not only am I getting some great new tips but also because the biggest nugget I’ve received so far has hit me hard! It is the concept of how easy it is to shift out of the negative emotions and self-talk by moving my thoughts toward gratitude.  This one technique alone is super powerful and I am grateful.” Sara Caputo Owner RadiantOrganizing.com in Santa Barbara, CA

  • Cena has the innate ability to move people to act and taps those latent motivations that need a good kick—her mere presence transforms your inner voice (the one that says “I can’t) into a far more competent and assertive tone that eradicates self-doubt and fosters that necessary air of confidence. Josh Garin Health Psychologist, Coach, Fitness Professional, Health Sciences Writer   Milford, PA 

  • Working with Cena truly helped me to move my organizing/senior move management business to the next level.  She helped me clarify and express my intentions, which in turn lead to real, tangible action.  And it really didn’t take long at all!  Before working with Cena, I often felt overwhelmed and wondered how much longer I could keep up the frantic pace that had become my life.  We have since made a huge step forward by having my husband come on board full-time as Operations Manager, have hired three part-time employees, and two independent contractors.  While I’m still very busy, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Thank you, Cena, for inspiring me to take a leap of faith and creating a life I love!  You were definitely an important part of the process and I am grateful.
    Terri Stephens, CPO, CRTS Residential & Home Office Organizing Senior Move Management Services Real Order Professional Organizing, LLC Atlanta, GA 678-513-6585

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did expect good guidance and a “systematic” approach. I have to say… in your Planapaloozah program, You blew me away with the content you provided and forced us to review, work on and consider. It was welllll worth it. Instead of avoiding all the things I need to complete to market my own business, I’ve compiled my ideas and designed a schedule and support system to check things off my OWN list! It helped me, and I’ll be able to help my clients and spend more time with my family because much of my strategy is done! Cena, this program will help so many people! Again congratulations on a job well done…thank you! Fabulous program!
    Kelly Schaefer OwnerTask Complete Personal Errand & Concierge Services Yardley, PA

  • As a mompreneur juggling all the pieces of my busy life and family – It’s so easy to put off planning for my business. Cena’s Planapaloozah took all the guesswork and excuses out of all my business planning. With templates, forms, worksheets, live Q & A, all kinds of group support and Cena’s loving but firm cheer leading, I was able to review this past year – the successes and the still to do list. Then I could dream about next year, create a strategy and fill in the tactics on a quarterly and weekly basis. Knowing I have a plan for next year frees me up to focus on my clients and marketing. I could not have done it without Cena. Do yourself, your family and your clients a favor and get this program.

    Catherine Avery OwnerResovate Office Design Fairfield, CT