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Time-Saving Apps You Should Be Using – Expert Guest Abby Perkins

Time-Saving Apps You Should Be Using – Expert Guest Abby Perkins

When it comes to time, there’s just never enough of it.

Still struggling with time management? Abby Perkins, Managing Editor at Talent blog dedicated to all things HR,  shares with us some great apps to help us mompreneurs take back our time!  Check out her list and become inspired! Continue reading “Time-Saving Apps You Should Be Using – Expert Guest Abby Perkins” »

Mompreneur Time Tip – Eye On The Prize

Mompreneur Time Tip – Eye On The Prize

When you own your own business, pretty much – everything falls on your task list (at least at first).

If you’re like most mompreneurs, you have the lion’s share of responsibility for what happens in your business. Continue reading “Mompreneur Time Tip – Eye On The Prize” »

Cena Block on WOM Radio

MMM14 #19: Ideal Clients, Who, What & Why

Cena Block on WOM Radio

Cena Block on WOM Radio

This Episode: Who IS Your Ideal Client? Why Does It Matter?

Marketing Gurus talk ad nauseum about ideal clients and niche markets. But you just want to be helpful to anyone who needs your business services… right? Tune in to learn how to identify your most ideal clients, and why it matters to your success. Understand exactly what you can do to enhance your ability to attract the right people to you through your packages, programs and messaging.

The Time & Space Style Inventory™ (TSSI™) evaluates your style preferences and how you arrange space, tolerate disorder, and assign value. By learning your preferences, you can make the most of your style to increase flow in your life with Flow Steps that will help you successfully manage your inner experience.

EMBRACE your natural style preferences!

Make it work for you – take the Time & Space Style Inventory™ and identify your time and space styles and enjoy your life @

Cena Block ( specializes in helping moms design work on their own terms and build smart supportive systems that create time for living. A business coach and author, Cena has collaborated with professional organizer and author Sunny Schlenger ( to create the Time & Space Style Inventory™ – a tool that not only identifies natural time and space behavioral styles but also enables you to use that information to create a personalized road map to manage your time and space. Find Sunny’s new book: Flow Formula: A Guidebook to Wholeness and Harmony on

Do you want guidance and support in this process? You can get control of your time once and for all! I can show you how to get it all done, and feel more ease!

If you’d like to learn more about Coaching with Cena – Click here to book a complimentary 1-1 Discovery Call and let’s see if I can help!

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About The Radio Show

As Mompreneurs, finding the balance between raising a family and growing your business is always a challenge. Every other Tuesday on Managing Mompreneur Mayhem Cena Block offers great advice for moms in business for themselves. Find her at Sane or as Cena Block or SaneSpaces on all social media outlets!


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Comparing Organzing Styles: Minimalist and Saver

Minimalists vs. Savers

Minimalists and Savers truly live on opposite sides of the continuum. They have very different beliefs when it comes to the value of “stuff”, which can lead to very different experiences of life. Continue reading “Comparing Organzing Styles: Minimalist and Saver” »

Mompreneur Systems Tip – Tweak Your Routines

Mompreneur Systems Tip – Tweak Your Routines

(WARNING – The next statement will not THRILL those spontaneous mompreneur readers).

For your home and family to run successfully you need regularly scheduled routines to get most tasks accomplished consistently.

I know, I’ve hear it all: Routine is boring, monotonous, and confining! (Believe me – I’m a free spirit too!)  And that may be true – BUT that is precisely why routines and regular schedules work well…. THEY HELP YOU MAINTAIN YOUR SANITY! Continue reading “Mompreneur Systems Tip – Tweak Your Routines” »