AWAKE! Manage Your Time To Love Your Life


AWAKE: Managing Time to LOVE Your Life

AWAKE! 6 Week Time Management Training

Master your relationship to time and love your life again!

  • Do you struggle to find time for the things you want to do most?

  • Are you pouring yourself into your job or business, working your tail off – yet you just can’t seem to “find the time” to do what you want to do, be with family and friends, take care of yourself, relax or have FUN?

  • Are you sick and tired of hearing yourself say – “That sounds so great, I wish I could, I just have no TIME”?

So many professional women — who are committed to being great at their profession, and being fully present with their families and friends – are fed up and burned out!

The truth is…

It doesn’t matter if you are the most skilled professional in the world and the most amazingly in touch, sensitive parent, partner or friend…

If you don’t:

  • clarify what is most important to you
  • manage the time you have available
  • set your priorities
  • live in a way that makes you feel centered and rejuvenated…

your free time will be consumed by the constant knee-jerk responses to other’s needs, wants and desires. And it kills me that so many unstoppable, powerful women have found ourselves in the same boat.

You see, for a long time, I tried to do it all. I was running from activity to activity, answering to everyone’s needs, and picking up every piece that was just about to fall through the cracks. I hosted the family get-togethers, threw parties, picked up the kids, did all the chores… and found myself wiped out, lethargic and frankly, pretty resentful. I blamed everyone else: how could they ask me to do that – don’t they know how busy I already am? I struggled for a long time and tried to find the right system, tools and products to help me get organized and better manage my time. But when it really came down to it, it turns out it was an “inside job”. I had to do the work on the “inside” to get better at managing all the elements that were outside, seemingly controlling me. I learned to control my knee jerk reactions, get my priorities in line, and set my life up to be more successful and fulfilling. And you know what? As soon as I started to work from the inside – out, I found that I had more energy, I wanted to exercise again and the overwhelming resentment started melting away. Since I know it’s possible – it has become my personal mission to help you accept where you are, figure out what is most important, and set up the systems and support to live a life you love.

What you need most right now is a step by step path to follow to:

  • Reclaim your time,
  • Get back in control of your schedule,
  • And re-align with what is most important to you right now

Learn how to manage your time right in the comfort of your own office or home! I can proudly say that this hands-on, life-focused workshop has already helped hundreds of people.

You’ll also get the best time management tips, techniques and strategies to start living more powerfully and purposefully with the time you have!

AWAKE – Manage Your Time, Love Your Life is a combination of rich, life-centered, juicy content, self assessments, and applicable exercises as homework that you’ll complete during the course. This powerful format gives you the opportunity to divide and conquer your time-related breakdowns. You’ll take a look at how you’re using your time right now – and be able to fix your time leaks and take action in big ways in your life.

Cena can quickly help you identify and analyze what is going on, and comfortably work you through situations while building trust. Her ability to always make you laugh makes her one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Michelle Benvenisti & WebMD

Here are five commitments I make in this program!

  • I’m committed to having this self-paced series make a difference in your life. And I’m thrilled to offer this incredible workshop to you in the comfort of your own space in the time you have available.
  • My content is jam-packed and completely relevant to who you are, what is happening for you, and where you want to go right now!
  • Since I consider this Workshop Series an investment in the rest of your life, I won’t waste your time. My workshops live in the “No Fluff Zone”. They are value- and content-packed with the best, easiest, most effective techniques to help you eliminate the things in your life that are not working, and say “YES” to all the things you want to do and be.
  • I want you to be successful with the time you have and have created the structure and space for you to succeed. I’ve seen these techniques work, time and time again for people. I guarantee that this program will change the way you think about YOUR time… YOUR priorities… and YOURSELF!
  • Every session of the live program is available to you forever, you’ll also have email access to work things out and get your questions answered. The class slides, workbook materials, tools, worksheets and the recordings, and full email access for 6 weeks, will help you get your questions answered and tackle your issues with time management once and for all!

Participating in Cena’s “AWAKE! Manage Your Time To Love Your Life” coaching workshop was an invaluable experience for me. She has the ability to make you think with the simplest of questions. Her passion for empowering woman and motivational speaking is so inspiring. Cena provides you with many tips and tools to help you evaluate your time and she helps you come up with a plan of action. I experienced many AH-HA moments while participating in her workshop. Before taking this workshop I was one of those that always said “I don’t have time” but after taking the workshop I was able to discover what my barriers where, learned to choose between important and urgent tasks, and learned techniques on how to be more productive.”

Ana Balcarcel, Mompreneur & Owner of Piece of Cake Scrapbooking Milford, PA

I’ve seen people experience REAL results
from the exercises in this course
for more than 15 years
and I know it will help you too!

Here’s The Course Outline for the self-paced series:

Week 1: A = Accepting What Is

  • Snapshotting
  • Tools to Track Your Typical Week/Month
  • Total Time Pie
  • Your Her-story About Time

Week 2: W = What’s Most Important To You? Defining Your Values

  • What are Values and Where do they come from?
  • Self-Defining My Top 5
  • What Are My Big Rocks (Values-Based Priorities)
  • Personal Values Assessment
  • My Values In Action

Week 3: A = Aligning Your Pieces –
Assess Where You Are Now & Where You Are Heading

  • Change Model
  • Assessing Where I Am
  • Skills Analysis
  • Assessing Your Gaps
  • Vision Board
  • Managing My Mindset
  • EFT

Week 4: K = Know What You Want & Kick It Up

  • Realistic Goals, Priorities,
  • Identifying Your Projects & Tasks
  • Maintenance Model
  • Time Mapping – Scheduling, Juggling and Living My Life
  • Commitment, Vitality & Being At Cause

Week 5: E = Engage, Energize, Enliven & Enjoy

  • Self-sustaining Systems and Care For You!
  • Creating “E”s – Engage, Energize, Enliven, Enjoy
  • Setting Up Your Sanity Dimensions – Setting Up Systems and Support for Success!
  • Extreme Self Care

Week 6: *One on One Action Planning

  • Accountability Check In *This is a one on one strategy and implementation coaching call with me to help you implement everything you’ve learned.
  • Putting It All In Place
  • Realistic Goals

I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your workshop. There could not be a better person to do these kinds of things for people, in helping the rest of us along the way in our lives.You are truly great at what you do and have so much to offer, and I am extremely gratified to have had the opportunity to be in not one, but two, of your wonderful workshops.

Thank you for inspiring me to be better!”

Amy Maslow & Geisinger Medical Center

Get Your Time Back Now…

To provide enormous value for your investment, you’ll get:

  • An instant download the entire program: Workshop modules, tools, templates,
  • Webinar recordings and transcriptions so you can listen again and again when you need a little nudge
  • Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home
  • Reclaim your time starting today!

AWAKE! Manage Your Time To Love Your Life Coaching Program Offering:

Five 75-Minute Recorded Sessions

Time Management Handbook with Tools To Help You Succeed for only $127

  • Identify and define your TOP 5 values and why you’re burning out.
  • Figure out what stands in the way of you participating fully in your life.
  • Evaluate the amount of time you have right now so you can make better choices repeatedly that drive the results you want.
  • Learn strategies to get YOU back into the equation of how you spend your time and juggle the details of your life
  • Make faster decisions in a logical sequence so you can get results faster (but with complete integrity)
  • Leverage your time better (no more spinning your wheels)
  • Manage your mindset and understand what drives you to do what you do.
  • Set your priorities so you can incorporate what is most important into your day-to-day decisions.
  • A super-simple 5-step strategy to put your endless To Do list into action.

To provide the most value for your investment, you’ll get all of the workshop content, tools, templates and full access to the live recordings so you can listen to them again when you need guidance and motivation.

Invest $127 and receive all of these additional Red Hot Bonuses

I love to work with people when they are ready to make big shifts in their lives. Because improving your ability to manage your time goes hand in hand with getting organized, you’ll receive five additional bonuses with your purchase valued at more than the cost of the program itself!

7 Incredible Get Organized Bonus Resources!

Get Organized Bundle!

Get Organized Bundle!

This bundle of products provides you with everything you need to get your life, home and office organized. The following products have been used by my clients for years to help them get focused and on track to finally get organized so they can feel calm and productive.

The Get Organized Bundle includes instant downloads and access to more than $100 of program resources! 

  1. Getting It All Done – Establishing an Wellness Mindset. To get truly organized from the inside-out, you’ll need to begin to address your time management challenges! This workbook is written for women to help you establish and maintain the mindset and emotional wellness you need throughout this process! Avoid back sliding in your organizing efforts by starting here!  Getting It All Done is a great place to begin your journey! Grab your journal and dig right in to all the exercises.
  2. Get Organized! Self Paced Guidebook – If you’ve ever wondered how Professional Organizers do it – this  workbook shows you! It was designed for the do-it-yourself-er who has the skills and motivation to get organized, but just doesn’t know where to start! Follow the step by step process, and you’ll this Self-Paced Guidebook provides Professional Organizer support, without the per hour fees!
  3. Home Spaces Assessment Booklet – Use this workbook as a guide to take your first step through each and every room in your home – so you can finally start to get your home organized! By starting with an adequate space assessment of each room, you’ll be able to see the big picture, then use the guide above to take those intentional step by step actions toward getting your home whipped right into shape!
  4. Time To Toss It E-Book – When you’re ready to purge those cabinets, and clean out your old files, download this e-book! This E-Book contains advice and parameters to clean those cabinets, collections and long-kept items. Inside you’ll find parameters on everything in your home from beauty products, to kitchen supplies and when you should toss items throughout your home. There is a special segment on purging your paper files and how long records should be retained. When you’re ready to purge – start here!
  5. Get Organized To Keep Your Family Sane E-book & Weekly Audios – Whether you have a slew of children, or are kid-free, these tips are modeled after “best organizing practices” that work with real families. You’ll be able to instantly download the full color booklet for your reference. Each week, you’ll receive an audio tip in your email to help motivate you to implement that week’s organizing project. These simple actions will help you stay focused to remedy your spaces and systems in your home. When your spaces and systems are working, more consistent behaviors and habits naturally emerge that will keep your family organized. The E-book downloads instantly, then you’ll receive one audio tip by email each week to help you implement ideas within 6 months!
  6. Getting It All Done – Establishing an wellness mindset for homeostasis. To get truly organized from the inside-out, you’ll need to begin to address your time management challenges! This workbook is written for women to help you establish and maintain the mindset and emotional wellness you need throughout this process! Avoid back sliding in your organizing efforts by starting here!  Getting It All Done is a great place to begin your journey! Grab your journal and dig right in to all the exercises.
  7. Sunday Sanity Summit – Overwhelmed? Over-committed? Stressed out? Then take a page out of my book and establish this weekly ritual that helps you get clear and focused before the week begins. Use this template to you can manage your self, what you need to accomplish and stay on track so you can live your life with joy!

AWAKE! – Manage Your Time To Love Your Life

Dates: NOW & Ready Whenever You Are!
(five 75 minute sessions)

Total Program Investment = $127!

All this great content, and our Get Organized Bundle of goods for less than one spa service!


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