Welcome TSSI™ Pro Pass Clients

Discover Your Flow Formula

With These Easy Steps!

  1. When you have 10 uninterrupted minutes, click the Red ‘Get Access Now’ Button below.
    A shopping cart will open with the prepaid assessment tool.
  2. Enter your name and valid credit card to create a purchase sequence.
    (Since you are at this page because you are working with a TSSI Professional, you will NOT be charged, and no credit information is shared to complete the assessment. However, in order to get to the assessment tool, your credit card information is required to create a ‘purchase action’)
  3. The TSSI™ online assessment tool will open for you automatically.
    (Please read the first page to set your expectations.)
  4. Answer all 84 questions by pressing [continue] after each section.
    (The entire assessment typically takes less than 10 minutes for most people to complete.)
  5. Press [submit] to tabulate your unique score.
    (All of the questions require an answer for you to receive a report. The system will prompt you if there are omissions.)
  6. Print a hard copy AND print a copy to pdf format so you can save your Individual Score Report before you close the report window. (Please print before you close the browser from the assessment so you can get your original report.)
  7. Your report remains confidential unless you choose to share it with your TSSI Professional Partner.


The questions take approximately 10 uninterrupted minutes to complete. Please be sure you have 10 minutes available before you press the button below because the assessment will only remain open temporarily after the transaction.

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