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The TSSI is the only Online Productivity Styles Assessment to help you master time & get your life organized for GOOD!

The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™) is an organizational tool that revolutionizes the productivity world!

This TSSI™ personality style assessment will help you help your clients to experience freedom, authority, and mastery over time and space!

Welcome Organizers, Coaches, Consultants, Educators, and Productivity Professionals – This tool will help you jumpstart your client discovery process!

  • Have you searched for an objective way to help diagnose and mitigate your client’s disorganization struggles?

  • Do you recognize that each person has unique and natural ways of organizing and managing time?

  • Are you tired of seeing clients backslide between sessions and wait for you to whisk in and ‘fix it’ all?

  • Have you struggled to bridge the cognitive gap using less-relevant assessment tools that measure work types, strengths, interests, or communication styles?

  • Have you struggled to provide logical and consistent behaviors that clients can instantly implement?

  • Has your approach to client assessment primarily focused on fixing the spaces only?

  • Do you want to enhance client insight so they feel empowered and take action on their own between sessions?

  • Do you want to help clients live more successfully, release what’s holding them back, and be happier with who they are and what they have right now?

We can help… Introducing the TSSI™


The TSSI™ is the first online organizational assessment tool for productivity professionals, professional coaches, educators, and consultants to help you diagnose, mitigate, and impact the behaviors and habits that keep clients stuck!

What Is The TSSI™?

The Time & Space Style Inventory offers 6 organizing personality styles and 6 time management styles to help clients with time management, getting organized, and establishing better productivity habits.

The TSSI is an assessment tool that helps one understand her natural style preferences. Organizing and managing to your strengths, planning around challenges, and knowing your blind spots can help you save time and effort. Your results provide prescriptive flow actions for clients to instantly reduce time tension, clutter, and overcome disorganization once and for all. Knowing what is ‘natural’, helps clients move into self-acceptance. With self-acceptance, perspectives shift, and action becomes a logical step in the path toward remedying lifestyle habits.

How TSSI Helps Professionals

If you’ve searched for a non-biased behavioral assessment to add to your practice, but struggled to find something directly relevant to your clients in the areas of time management and space organizing, the Time & Space Style Inventory will help you instantly bridge the gap between client awareness and action.

History & Results

The 12 different Time and Space Style Preferences have been developed based on decades of client observation and research. Each individual receives a unique score report with style descriptions and access to a rich learning site that hosts videos, diagrams and printable templates designed to instantly heighten client awareness, insight and acceptance. Style Flow Steps are tested actions for each style that are proven to relieve the (sometimes life-long) tension clients have experienced as a result of disorganization and poor time management practices.

Why TSSI™ Is Effective With Clients?

When someone truly wants to change their behavior, they must first shift their thoughts about what is possible. Thinking differently is much easier when operating from a base of self-acceptance.

The TSSI is an organizational tool that provides a snapshot for clients to see themselves as they are. Individual flow reports cover comprehensive style characteristics and access to the TSSI Hub. Inside the TSSI, each style has actions and steps to move you away from behaviors that cause tension, toward those that generate more flow.

With raised awareness and self-acceptance, clients are more accepting. Acceptance lowers tension and automatically enhances their interest and ability to do things differently than they’ve always done.

Heightened Self-Awareness Enhances Personal Performance and Satisfaction.

One of the frustrating, hidden, and inconvenient truths for organizational and professional coaches in the productivity industry is client backsliding. Backsliding is what happens between sessions to many clients when they stop maintaining their systems. The easiest way to help your clients create maintenance systems is to shift their mindset and help them get organized from the inside first.

When a client changes their mindset to self-acceptance they have more clarity. Someone who typically avoids planning, preparing and organizing will understand how to do it for themselves more easily. regular maintenance provides, they more readily accept responsibility to prioritize maintenance tasks. When a client shifts mindset and sees maintenance as a valuable use of time, things change. Instead of wasted time or avoiding tasks that keep them organized and on time, they focus on the preparation, planning, and get the payoffs. With TSSI results, your clients will be more effective, maintain their working and living spaces, and have more time to do things they love.

When clients know themselves and the behaviors that come naturally, they’re that much closer to self-acceptance.

The TSSI is an organizational tool that provides style characteristics, examples, and suggestions for each style preference. Habits, behaviors, and systems can be designed to ease tension. This organizational approach offers clients more informed, consistent choices that reduce stress and move them toward more ease, harmony, and flow.

When clients focus their efforts on things they can control,
they have a greater impact and can move forward.

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People who endeavor to live in flow are naturally more productive, connected, and satisfied.

The TSSI™ will help you help your clients. If your clients struggle with organization and time management, this organizational assessment tool is a great starting place.
You can help your clients understand their unique flow formula by:

  • Enhancing self-acceptance and style preference identity
  • Identifying the steps necessary to move forward
  • Avoiding behaviors that do not work for them
  • Start doing things daily that enhance flow, which will allow them to spend more time on what they want and live and work productive spaces they enjoy.

The TSSI 1Pass is a one time purchase. You will be instantly logged into the assessment with a successful purchase.

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