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Finally Master The Time You Have!


  • Do you struggle to find time for the things you want to do most?

  • Are you pouring yourself into your job or business, working your tail off – yet you just can’t seem to “find the time” to do what you want to do, be with family and friends, take care of yourself, relax or have FUN?

  • In other words, are you sick of hearing yourself say – “That sounds so great, I wish I could, I just have no TIME”?

To clarify the questions above, it seems today too many hard-working, committed adults struggle to be fully present with their families and friends. And, subsequently, we are fed up and burned out!


Time mastery doesn’t just happen. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re the most skilled professional while being an amazingly in touch, sensitive parent, partner or friend… if you don’t take steps to:

  • clarify what is most important to you
  • manage the time you have available
  • set your priorities
  • live in a way that makes you feel centered, energized and rejuvenated…

your free time will be consumed by constant responses to other’s needs, wants and desires.

Most importantly, there are too many unstoppable, powerful professionals struggling, suffering, disconnected and unfulfilled with their lives today as a result. Time mastery is a journey, and it’s time to start.

The Backstory

Stressed woman really bad day.For example, for a long time, I tried to do it all. I wrongly believed that running between kids’ activities, answering everyone’s needs, and picking up every piece that was just about to fall through the cracks was how I ‘should be’ living. But, it was exhausting.

I hosted the family get-togethers, parties, juggled the kids and chores… yet became wiped out, lethargic and resentful.

Because of this ‘hamster wheel’ living, I blamed everyone. For example, I would snap at others who’d ask me to do things when they knew how busy was.


As A Result

I struggled for a long time. I was resentful and riddled with the guilt of never doing enough. As a result of all this worry and stress, I made myself sick!

While I was recovering from my stress-related back surgery, I had a wake-up call.

It was during recovery when I realized during the healing process that I knew I had to get back in charge of my life, but this time do it right. As a result, I researched everything to try to create a flexible system, convenient tools, product, and habits to help me get and stay organized and finally master my time.

In other words, it turns out that for me, and everyone, time mastery began and remains an “inside job”.  

How I Mastered Time

Ultimately, to fix my issues with time, I had to do the work on the “inside” before I could focus on any external elements that were seemingly controlling me. As a result of aligning from the inside, I learned to control my knee jerk reactions, set priorities based on what I defined as successful and fulfilling.

And you know what? As soon as I started to work from the inside – out, I found that I had more energy, I wanted to exercise again and the overwhelming resentment started melting away.

Since I know it’s possible – it has become my personal mission to help you accept where you are, figure out what is most important, and set up the systems and support to live a life you love.

What you need most right now is a step by step path to follow to:

  • Determine what’s going wrong with your time

  • Get back in control of your schedule

  • Align with what is most important to you right now

  • Reclaim what you love to do with your time


AWAKE: Time Mastery Workshop

Time Mastery Workshop Sane Spaces, LLC

Time Mastery Workshop Details

Firstly, I invite you to join me for a 5-week online time mastery workshop from the comfort of your own office or home! This is a hands-on, life-focused workshop has already helped hundreds of people.

Secondly, you’ll receive the best time mastery tips, techniques and strategies to start living more powerfully and purposefully with the time you have!

Thirdly, your weekly homework combines rich, life-centered content, self-assessments, and exercises. This powerful, applied format creates steps to follow and focus on healing time breakdowns. You’ll fix time leaks and take action in big ways in your life.

Workshop Features

  • 1

    Make A Difference Today

    Firstly I'm committed to make a difference in your life. And I’m thrilled to offer this incredible time mastery workshop to you as a live webinar.

  • 2

    Great, Relevant Content

    Second, this jam-packed time mastery program is all-encompassing. It focuses on who you are, what is happening for you, and where you want to go right now!

  • 3

    No Fluff Zone

    Third, I won't waste your time. The program is a “No Fluff Zone”. Each session is valuable and content-packed. You'll learn the best, easiest, most effective time mastery techniques to help you eliminate the things in your life that are not working, and say “YES” to what you want to be and do.

  • 4

    Proven time mastery practices

    Fourth, I have created a structure for success. Time mastery requires structure. These techniques are flexible, so they work for everyone. I guarantee that this program will change the way you think about YOUR time... YOUR priorities... and YOURSELF!

  • 5

    All access

    And finally the AWAKE! Time Mastery program content remains available forever, once you download the content. The workshop materials, tools, worksheets, recordings, and email access provides a fertile space to examine and overcome time obstacles, barriers, blind spots, and struggles.



Time mastery for others means time mastery for you!

AWAKE! Time Mastery Workshop Outline

Week 1: A = Accepting Time As Limited and Limitless

  • Snapshotting
  • Tools to Track Your Typical Week/Month
  • Total Time Pie
  • Your Her-story About Time

Week 2: W = What's Important & Why? Define Your Values

  • Core Values
  • Self-Defining My Top 5
  • What Are My Big Rocks (Values-Based Priorities)
  • Personal Values Assessment
  • My Values In Action

Week 3: A = Align, Assess & Aspire In Time

  • Understand Your Flow Formula With The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI)
  • Change, Skills, Talents & Desires
  • Analyze Gaps
  • Vision Board and Managing Mindset
  • EFT

Week 4: K = Know What You Want From Your Time

  • Set Realistic Time Goals & Priorities
  • Identify Projects & Tasks
  • Create Framework & Maintenance
  • Time Blocking, Mapping & Mastery - Plan, Schedule, Juggle and Live In The Moment
  • Commitment, Vitality & Being At Cause

Week 5: E = Engage, Energize, Enliven & Enjoy Your Time

  • Self-sustaining Systems and Care For You!
  • Creating "E"s - Engage, Energize, Enliven, Enjoy
  • Setting Up Your Sanity Dimensions - Setting Up Systems and Support for Success!
  • Extreme Self Care

Week 6: *One on One Time Mastery Action Plan

  • Integrate & Implement: Putting It All In Place In Your Life
  • Accountability Check-In


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Time Mastery Now...

To provide enormous value for your investment, you'll get:

  • Live workshop webinars, modules, tools, and templates
  • 24x7 group access and support to mastermind and problem solve
  • Webinar recordings to listen again and again when you need a little nudge
  • Time mastery assignments help you work at your own pace
  • Reclaim and master your time with guidance and support

Meet Our Past Participants...

"Participating in Cena’s AWAKE! Time Mastery workshop was an invaluable experience for me. She has the ability to make you think with the simplest of questions. Her passion for empowering woman and motivational speaking is so inspiring. Cena provides you with many tips and tools to help you evaluate your time and she helps you come up with a plan of action. I experienced many AH-HA moments while participating in her workshop.  Before taking this workshop I was one of those that always said “I don’t have time” but after taking the workshop I was able to discover what my barriers were, learned to choose between important and urgent tasks and learned techniques on how to be more productive."

Ana Balcarcel, Mompreneur & Owner of Piece of Cake Scrapbooking Milford, PA


Amy Maslow & Geisinger Medical Center Testimonial

Amy Maslow Geisinger Medical Center

I truly enjoyed your Time Mastery workshop.  There could not be a better person to do these kinds of things for people, in helping the rest of us along the way in our lives. You are truly great at what you do and have so much to offer, and I am extremely gratified to have had the opportunity to be in not one, but two, of your wonderful presentations and interactions.

Thank you for inspiring me to be better!”

Amy Maslow of Geisinger Medical Center



"Cena can quickly and thoughtfully help you identify and analyze what is going on, and comfortably work you through situations while building trust. Her ability to always make you laugh makes her one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing."

Michelle Benvenisti & WebMD

You'll Also Recieve Bonuses

Get Organized and On Time BONUS Bundle

Get Organized For Good! Self-paced bundle!

Get Organized Bundle!

  1. Getting It All Done

    Establish a wellness mindset so you can live within homeostasis. To get truly organized from the inside-out! This workbook helps you establish and maintain the mindset and emotional wellness. Avoid backsliding and begin your journey. A journal helps you track progress as you dig into these self-awareness exercises.

  2. Get Organized! Self Paced Guidebook 

    If you've ever wondered how Professional Organizers do it - this workbook shows you! If you're a do-it-yourselfer who has the skills and motivation to get organized, this helps you self-start! Follow the steps in this Self-Paced Guidebook and get Professional Organizer expertise and support, without the per hour fees!

  3. Home Spaces Assessment Booklet

    Use this workbook as a guide to take your first step through each and every room to organize your home. By adequately assessing each room, you'll see the big picture. Using this together with the other bonuses will help you master time while organizing each room. This time mastery practice helps you whip your home into shape!

  4. Time To Toss It

    Purge those cabinets, and clean out the old files with this e-book! This E-Book provides parameters to clean cabinets, collections and long-kept items. You'll find parameters from beauty products to kitchen supplies and learn when you should toss items throughout your home. There is a segment to help you purge paper files and when to retain critical records.

  5. Get Organized To Keep Your Family Sane E-book & Audios

    Whether you have a slew of children or are kid-free, these tips offer "best organizing practices" that work with real families. You'll download the full-color booklet and receive audio tips to motivate each week's organizing project. These simple actions will help you stay focused to remedy your spaces and systems in your home. When your spaces and systems work, more consistent behaviors and habits naturally emerge that keep your family organized.

  6. Sunday Sanity Summit & Week-At-A-Glance Planner

    Overwhelmed? Over-committed? Stressed out? Then it's time you establish a weekly time mastery planning practice. Use these templates to review the past week and plan the week ahead on Sunday evenings. When you combine this practice and involved your family, you'll stay focused on what you need to accomplish and experience more joy!

  7. Top 10 Time Strategies for Unstoppable Women!

    This seminar recording contains time mastery tips and techniques. It will motivate you to fix time drains and leaks.

  8. Get It Done Challenge

    This follow-on program assigns deeper, far-reaching time mastery tasks for home and office. It offers support for 6 months and helps you wrangle long-term home and office organizing tasks in the time you have.

AWAKE! Time Mastery Workshop

Workshop Dates: 4/15/19, 4/22/19, 4/29/19, 5/6/19, 5/13/19
(five 75 minute sessions)

*+ Private Time Mastery Integration Coaching Session

60 minute, 1 on 1 Time Strategy Coaching Session! (Value $250.)

The private 1-1 integration session will be scheduled after the workshop concludes.

This webinar recurs every 1 week(s) on Monday from 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM Eastern Time starting
4/15/2019 and ending on 5/13/2019
Attendees must register for the entire series at once.

Total Program Investment = $297!

All this great content, and one on one support for less than a spa visit!


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