Marketing your small business can be overwhelming.

If you're tired of struggling to make your business profitable while still having time for your life, don't quit yet...

Please, please read this page.

Can you relate?

Calling All Small Business Owners!

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Too many questions, not enough answers

  • Does marketing your business feel scary because you don't know where to start?
  • Do you struggle with TMTDS? (Too Much To Do Syndrome) in your business?
  • Is it difficult to get started on marketing tasks because you don't know what is most important?
  • Have you put off updating your website? Raising your rates? Creating packages? Saying yes to speaking opportunities in your local network?
  • Do you waste time watching what everyone else is doing to attract high paying, valuable clients and wonder how they get it all done?

I remember, not too long ago feeling frustrated, tired and fed up with the struggle. How could I work so hard, and make so little profit? I had so much to offer! What was I doing wrong?

I truly was just ready to quit. Why did it have to be so hard?

Then, I had an epiphany... I invested in my first coach... as hard as that first investment was to justify, I knew that if I only had the right guidance, tools and direction, I could learn how to make it work. And, I'm happy to say - three years later, I did everything I was taught to do... my brand became more stable, my voice became stronger, and I began to serve and attract more and more ideal clients.

I know how hard I worked, how long it took and the tens of thousands of dollars I invested to create the company I enjoy today, and I want to save you from the angst, hardship and costly mistakes I made along the way... so I created a program for you to give you a real boost, and the support you need to kick your business into high gear, while still maintaining your sanity.

So many small business owners avoid marketing their business because they are confused about how to get started or may feel overwhelmed with the entire process.

2014-06-26 15.53.54However, with no sales - you have no business.

Commerce, by definition is the exchange of money for a product or service.

And marketing includes

  • the methods
  • approaches
  • opportunities and
  • consistent messages you use to draw your ideal clients and potential buyers to you.

But how do you powerfully and profitably bridge the gap between the millions of potential customers and you?

And, how do you make your business stand out in a tumultuous, overcrowded stream of messages, advertising and brands

You must first define who your ideal clients are and then articulate how you can help them escape from their pain, problem or difficulty.

Once you identify your client, their needs and how you can uniquely deliver on what they desire, your marketing messages become crystal clear, and your ideal clients just show up!

Your message, products and services are what help you to bridge the gap between where your ideal clients are now, what they want and how you help reach the other side (their better tomorrow..)

Your ability to make a consistently profitable business begins when you identify your unique message, services, and offers then target all your marketing efforts on your most ideal clients!

By focusing your marketing messages on those who are best-suited to benefit from what you have to offer, all things fall into place!  The clients you most like to serve (and typically serve best) are easily able to self-select. They want to work with you because they see you as their delivery system to their better tomorrow, and  because you 'speak their language'!

  • Do you struggle with your marketing message?
  • Do you want to upgrade your website copy but not know where to start?
  • Do you want to attract clients who will are dying to work with you?
  • Is it time to raise your rates and explore offering packages?
  • Would you like to finally make the money you deserve in your business?
  • Would you like to find more speaking opportunities easily?

fade-leftfade-rightIntroducing The Program You've Been Waiting For...

Business Marketing Mastery Group Coaching Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

Designed especially for small business owners in the emerging to early growth stages of business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

The Biz Marketing Mastery Coaching Program welcomes high-achieving, take-action implementers (typically in the first few years of business) who desire to make more money, gain high-paying clients consistently, and get their marketing messaging, pricing, packaging, and systems in place. You will join a small, intimate, focused group of like-minded entrepreneurs in the start-up through early growth stages of business. Your program delivers step-by-step targeted training modules for a period of six months, as well as live 1-1 business coaching every other week to help you get your marketing on track to deliver on your profitability goals. Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.33.09 PMIn addition, you'll participate in weekly small group calls. There will be 'hot seat' opportunities on each and every call! You bring your questions, struggles and obstacles to the Q&A Calls, and get coached on how to remove your barriers and work through your obstacles. You will be able to apply the call discussions to your business, systems, processes, resources, and make huge leaps in business because you are able to get your questions answered directly! The small group Q&A webinars and live chat group provide the fertile ground for you to brainstorm and mastermind with other business owners who are in the same place as you. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to connect regularly with an accountability partner, another entrepreneur with whom you can stay on track. You'll receive a new module from the Business Marketing Curriculum each week. As you work through modules you'll get clarity around your ideal clients, target niche, business model, funnel, free offers, marketing message, signature programs and proprietary systems. Each training module walks you through the following topics and apply the learning and tools to your business:

  • Time management to help you make room for life and business
  • Values-based goal setting allows you the basis upon which you build your business practices and foundation
  • Aligning your Business Vision, Mission, and Big Why with your Values so you can prioritize from what is most important
  • Determining who your ideal clients are so you can find them inexpensively and market to their particular needs
  • Focusing your mindset through affirmation, and daily practices
  • Developing your most powerful pitch to align with your ideal clients and help them find you
  • Designing your free offers to help you build your emailing list and align your marketing with your ideal clients
  • Obtaining testimonials from your past clients that rave about your services
  • Preparing your pricing and packages that allow your clients the most value for their investment with you
  • Designing your Signature System, and creating programs, talks and presentations so you can get out there and attract your ideal clients more easily
  • Selling with Authenticity so you can feel complete integrity throughout the sales process and align with your most ideal clients
  • Documenting your business processes so you'll have the confidence to delegate administrative tasks easily and effortlessly.
  • And many more!       

The online modules, group forum, weekly webinars, and private strategy calls, provide structure, guidance, support and the feedback you need to take your business to the next level much more quickly than doing it all on your own.

Together, we'll pull the curtain back, and jump in the trenches of your business structure, funnel, messaging and inner workings, to keep you in action, implementing and guiding your business to get on track to deliver on your revenue goals.

Weekly accountability webinars allow you to touch base, check in and stay on track. The agenda-driven Q&A webinars help you overcome mindset obstacles, get support, stay on track with the curriculum, and get what you need to speed your decisions and stay in action each week!

This program stays small because I know how valuable the intimacy of a small group is when it comes to working on your business. The small size builds trust and familiarity so each call you attend will significantly increase the impact and value of this program. This level of access and accountability is exactly what I wish I had when I was in this stage of business, but could never find at a reasonable investment. Everything I looked at was double to triple the cost of this.

fade-leftfade-rightThis Program Creates Results... Fast!

  • Step-by-step structure teaches you exactly how to connect your marketing, content and packages well-structured, high value, client-focused web of attraction.
  • Tools, templates and training modules that help you design your marketing message!
  • Personal feedback for you and your business makes it easy to work in small bits of time.
  • The ability to stay on track with your marketing efforts and work at your own pace.
  • Private coaching calls in addition to the group mastermind calls.

How Coaching Works

Coaching Video with Cena Block

fade-leftfade-rightHere are some words from a few participants...

KatieTracyPicI have been working on my business for nearly four years, and have stalled out in my ability to attract new clients consistently, so I haven't been as profitable as I want to be. But, as a result of just one month in the Biz Marketing Makeover program, I am really clear on who I love working with and what I have to offer them!  AND finally got the momentum and accountability to launch my group-based program. I launched my first social media contest and submitted my presentation to a national conference. I can see my business growing as I'm getting my packages and pricing lined up to serve my most ideal clients! I am so excited about all the possibilities that are coming my way.

- Katie Tracy, Simple Spaces

NancyVBefore working in the program, I felt very discouraged and really struggled with my confidence in 'selling' my services to potential clients. In this program, I figured out which clients I work best with and have completely changed my marketing message and approach to reach them. I developed new packages that better meet my clients' needs, and my own passion for essentialism and commitment to my business.

- Nancy Vorsanger, Nancy Vorsanger Organizing

AutumnLeopoldAs a result of the Biz Marketing Makeover Group Coaching Program, I'm writing not one but TWO e books! I'm working with other professionals to coach them on business blogging and I'm developing a live blogging course!  I've hired two subcontractors to grow my organizing business.  I also gained insight about myself and my reasons for starting and wanting to grow my business and most of all I gained more courage to go for it all!

- Autumn Leopold, Smart, Happy, Organized Blog & Windfall Organizing

Tracey ShadleyThanks to the Biz Marketing Makeover Group Coaching Program, I have a new website, great packages, professional marketing pieces and a course for passive income!"
Before I started The Biz Marketing Makeover Group Coaching Program I was really not doing anything productive for my business... I thought I was, but I was not attracting many new clients or making the kind of money I really need to generate to stay in business!

I'm a professional organizer and a closet design expert with 20+ years of experience, but I never really brought all the pieces together until working with Cena in the program.
What I discovered was that I've been putting my energy and hard work in the wrong places until now. The weekly modules in the program have helped me to REALLY think through who my ideal clients are, what my special skill set is and what I really have to offer people!
Once I completed those, I up leveled my pricing, created packages for my different ideal client groups and pulled everything together in a way that is easy to share with people (and sell to new prospects!)
I now have a whole new (beautiful) website, real marketing pieces and am currently working on creating a course to share my design expertise with others!
The consistency of the weekly learning modules, access to email coaching from Cena (at all hours), the other group members to mastermind with, and live coaching calls every other week really has kept me on track, helped me implement, answer my questions and feel supported.
I got so much out of the program that when Level 1 was over, I instantly enrolled in Level 2 to stay plugged in to Cena's expertise and guidance, feel supported and stay motivated to complete my course! Thank you Cena! I couldn't have done it without you and this amazing program!If you're on the fence about working with a coach or wondering about what the payoff may be for investing in this coaching program... I can tell you that I had the same questions and fears. BUT, I did it because I trusted the person who recommended her to me. I'm happy to say it's been worth EVERY PENNY! Do it now and thank yourself next year!

- Tracey Shadley, Organize AZ

fade-leftfade-rightDesigned for businesses in the emerging to advancing stages of growth

  • More profit, more clients and better marketing
  • To devote targeted, focused time on business development while serving clients and/or selling products.
  • To shift your business model and enhance your marketing funnel
  • To gain confidence and expand your reach via speaking, teaching and networking
  • To shift your focus to something that better serves you, your unique skills, and/or passions
  • Stop the cycle of 'feast' or 'famine' mode of operating your service-based business
  • To refresh, reorganize, and reinvest in your next business phase of growth and profit
  • To AVOID wasting time, energy and money on things that don't work!

This group program provides a whole year of support that includes all of these features

  • Welcome Packet - The coaching relationship begins upon purchase. You are asked to complete a Coaching Welcome Packet that will help you clarify your intentions and goals for our coaching sessions.
  • Private Monthly 1-1 Strategy Sessions - This program includes 12 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS to schedule and use during the course of the 12 month program.You'll schedule live 1-1 strategy sessions each month. These are so important and add to your experience which will help you stay on top of your business and personal goals. You'll come to each session with your own agenda to best serve you and your business needs for that 30 day window.
  • Q&A Webinars - Every week, our live Q&A webinars provide you systematic and consistent feedback. This format also offers you the opportunity to have a hot seat - where you are coached live every time. This gives you direct communication, feedback, brainstorming and the opportunity to regularly mastermind with me as your coach, and other business owners who are in similar stages in their business. These webinars are recorded for future reference, and available within 48 hours if you are absent.
  • Online Training Curriculum - As soon as your Welcome Packet is received, you'll gain access to the first modules in the program. Then, a new training is delivered to you weekly. This roll out strategy allows you to work at your own pace but keeps you moving forward! (Currently there are 20 Online Training Modules in this program with improvements each offering!) These training modules are delivered in an interactive coaching system which allows you direct email access to me as you work through the content privately. Each module also contains downloadable templates, tools and resources that you can use again and again even after your commitment to the program ends.
  • Tools, Templates, Webinars, Recordings & Worksheets - To support your self-paced work, you'll receive templates, tools, worksheets and on-line learning modules and access to structured questions that will help you design your Business Marketing Makeover!
  • Unlimited Access to Private Group Forum  - A private group forum is set up for the participants to allow you access to each other. You are able to be as active as you wish, ask questions, ask for feedback and get support whenever you need it.
  • Accountability Partnership - Because this is a small group, you can create an accountability partner and check in regularly with each other and keep each other on track.

My No-Risk Guarantee

I want everyone who works with me to rave about their results. I am so certain that this program will serve you and your business, that I am happy to offer you a guarantee for your purchase... If after participating for 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the program resources and experience for your investment, you are free to withdraw from the program and I will refund your entire investment.

My Commitment To Your Results...

The Business Marketing Makeover Group Coaching Program is designed for busy entrepreneurs in the start-up to growth stages of business. You'll gain clarity, understand your goals from the inside out, make great leaps in your ability to manage your time and implement the things you've been putting off in your business marketing, connect your purpose, mission, vision and business model so your pricing and packages make sense and serve your most ideal clients. You'll truly understand what is unique about you and hone your marketing messages so you can attract the right clients, who most benefit and can afford what you offer. You'll get organized, take regular, consistent action, build confidence, and stay focused to implement the changes you need to gain freedom, hold onto flexibility and maintain or enhance your profit!

Still Unsure If It's Right For You? Let's Talk Live...

Click this button to schedule your complimentary call with Cena to discuss your questions.

Sometimes you may still have questions... Let's face it, investing in a program like this is not a simple decision for some people. If you are still on the fence, the best way to determine if it's right for you is to have a live conversation.

Please feel free to schedule a live, 1-1 Discovery Call with me by clicking on the Purple Image. Complete the questionnaire, and you'll gain instant access to my calendar to book a complimentary, 1-1 private meeting where I can answer your questions!

The Best Investment In Your Business,
Is An Investment In Yourself!

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