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Hey Entrepreneur… Does this sound familiar?

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s running a business without the guidance and support of a mastermind group, you may recognize these signs of overwhelm…

  • Struggling to find enough hours in the day to juggle all your responsibilities…
  • Wearing all (or almost all) the hats in your business…
  • The never-ending stream of ideas without getting most of them off the ground…
  • Endless cycles of starting then dropping activities in order to deal with your day-to-day fires…
  • Months speeding by before you implement things in your business because you just can’t get focused on getting critical items done…
  • You have a pile of never-ending back office “stuff”…
  • Difficulty staying on top of invoicing, social media, email and customer communications…
  • Trying to be the expert on all things business and not investing in technical expertise that can solve your problems easily…
  • Marketing challenges and the mystery of whom to market to…
  • Postponing planning until you have more time
  • And, oh – your son is sick at school and needs you to drop everything to pick him up early!

What if coaching would cost less than a monthly mani-pedi?

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If you’re a small business owner here’s what I know about you:  

startup business owner sane spaces

Newish entrepreneurs often have more questions than answers. Too many questions can lead to overwhelming inaction.

  • First, you’re probably a bit stressed out… and it’s not your fault.

    Juggling a business and life these days is really tough. It seems you can never ‘close your business’ because you’re always thinking, doing, marketing, selling and juggling all the parts and pieces of your never ending to do list. Keeping it up for long periods of time inflates your stress hormones, which are the cause of most emotional, relationship, and physical ailments of today!

  • You want a business that will ‘fit’ into your lifestyle.

    BUT… What you quickly found out was that shortly after you said yes to launching, your business suddenly took over your time, priorities and eventually your downtime. This has affected your private time, kept you up at night, and is negatively impacting your well-being. And if you don’t get it under control and re-design it, your business could win.

  • You’d LOVE to work abbreviated workdays and take weekends off.

    You launched this thing, and soon you found yourself saying yes to client work during all your spare time. AND, what about the time it takes to send a newsletter, publish your blog posts, and create your back-end systems! To get out from under the work-a-holic entrepreneur syndrome you need to put your maintenance and nurture systems on auto-pilot. Then you need to line up support so you can have more flexibility to manage your time and work when you want to. The truth is, your dream is to work from the beach, on an airplane (on the way to the beach) or some days, even from your home office… whenever it suits you!

  • You have blind spots about how to run a business that thrives.

    We all have blind spots. And the fact is you don’t know what you don’t know about marketing, branding, sales and all the techy stuff. Again, it’s not your fault. Because unless you have a business degree, no one ever taught you any of this stuff! Many entrepreneurs design their offers around their particular specialties, training, education and expertise. So to become truly successful in business most ‘expert entrepreneurs’ simply need to learn the WHAT and HOW to successfully market their services.

  • You REALLY want decent, reliable income.

Although you may not be the sole provider at home, you want a real return for the time you spend working. If you don’t start turning more income, then it’s not really worth all this effort. Creating marketing strategies that work while you sleep is key. 

  • You may feel isolated, unsupported and overwhelmed.

Entrepreneurs live in a whole new reality and those in the Muggle World just can’t relate. They just aren’t wired up the same as us. It’s not their fault, but they don’t share your same desire or drive for success in business. It doesn’t make them bad people of course, but it does compromise what they can offer. Therefore, getting valuable and helpful advice and guidance may be difficult from your closest family and friends (unless they are entrepreneurs too). To avoid isolation, you really would love a posse to hold you up, set you straight, motivate you and keep you on task to implement what you need to accomplish ongoingly!

work-life balance, startup support

Do you struggle to find balance? This monthly group will ‘hold the space’ so you can work toward your goals!

You may live with life circumstances that require flexibility.

  • That means you need to respond to emergencies and say no as family and daily priorities shift.  You may want to squeeze work in between the busy schedules of your children, and full-time visits to your aging parents. And, depending on your situation you may only have part time hours to work.

You may be time-starved with limited commitments to networking.

  • Groups that meet at inconvenient times, and require significant financial investments can stretch your resources and be easy to avoid in the start-up phase of business when every penny matters!

You’ve already joined communities that aren’t doing it for you.

  • Often we join social or religious associations hoping to connect with other people like you, but the groups are not a fit and don’t really offer support for running your business.

Social groups and online forums don’t provide enough support or direction for what you need.

  • While unpaid social groups are great in many ways, they may take a ton of time yet leave you with unanswered questions, unfulfilled goals, stressed, and overly responsible for others. Without regularity and structure focused on results in your business, relationships with REAL People.  You know the actual person to person connection is important and often online interactions can feel a bit false at times.



Monthly Mastermind Program for Small Business

Monthly Mastermind Helps You Reach Goals and Implement Improvements

Mastermind programs and accountability partnerships were key to my success.

I totally understand how challenging it is to get a business up and running and working for you instead of against you. Sometimes it feels like you get lost in a rabbit hole of “to do’s”, and are not able to get back out! With the pressures, it’s a wonder we even stay in the game. But, entrepreneurs are hard workers when we believe something is possible.

Just for that reason alone, you possess ‘super powers’. But sometimes those amazing strengths can stand in the way of seeing the forest through the trees. Sometimes because you are so talented, capable and successful you don’t value the time-leaps that working with expertise and support provides. And as a result, you stick with what you know and trade your time out while trying to do it all yourself!

Don’t get me wrong… you certainly know how to work hard. But often, working HARDER is NOT why you launched a business. You have your own reasons. Perhaps you had a dream lifestyle in mind. Maybe those dreams are compromised right now. And because you’re juggling it all in your business and trying to squeeze in your life, maybe your dream business feels more like a neuse around your neck, tied to a huge boulder that is dragging you to the bottom of the swamp… If so – keep on reading!

Coaching Mastermind Group Puzzle Solved

Mastermind with others about how to piece your business together in a fraction of the time it takes to do it alone.

  • Are You Longing to be CEO yet still Jane of all tasks? A Mastermind Program can help you.

    Mompreneurs spend most of our time working in our businesses and little if any, time working on our businesses. As a result, many of us find ourselves stuck at the start, rather than experiencing the thrill of running a business that thrives.

  • Are you isolated, lonely, and chained to your computer? A Mastermind Program can help you.

Senior managers in large corporations rely on advisory boards and experts within their own companies when they need advice or strategy to start a project. Mompreneurs, on the other hand, do not have access to this type of expertise. As a result, we’re often isolated and lonely, lost in a stream of social media to desperately gain access to other people who can help us create the business of our dreams.

  • Are you trying to figure out all the parts of your marketing strategy? A Mastermind Program can help you.

    Marketing your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Too often business owners experience bursts and breakdowns in business. At some point on the roller coaster, you may realize you don’t have the knowledge or expertise you need to create a full-blown and effective marketing strategy.

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What you may or may not know by now

By now, you’ve probably determined that it is relatively easy to launch a business... but the hard part is knowing how to market your business to thrive!

To create lasting success in business, it is essential to stay focused on what is most important to build your revenue stream and to get advice, guidance, and support from experts who’ve been there and done that successfully already!

“Cena’s energy made me want to ‘step up’ and be a better version of myself as an entrepreneur and a mother. She assists you in implementing your action plans with gentle challenges and support so that you will feel successful. Her professionalism and optimism combined with her sense of humor made me look forward to joining her every week.”
Renee Maniscalco, Owner - ReneeTheVA.com
“Cena’s coaching helped me recognize what I needed to make my business work better, and she gave me the encouragement I needed to make some important changes. ”
Suzanne Franchetti - Owner, CEOher.com

Are you crazy to think you can run your business alone?

Well... here's the news - you are, kind of! I believe you can do anything you want, but you'll save so much time, effort and pain when you align with those who can show you what to do first. Then step you through how to do things more effectively with the least effort and expense! Group support and individual accountability help you through the rough patches and stay on track.

Don't get me wrong, though. Because I truly believe you can do, be or have anything you want. But you may spend years getting there.

When you combine your experience with that of others just like you, you'll have your own Executive Team! AND, you'll save so much time, effort and pain when you align with those who can show you what to do first.  You'll step you through how to do things more effectively with the least effort and expense! Group support and individual accountability help you through the rough patches and stay on track through those times when you just can't figure things out and typically give up.

A mastermind group helps you keep moving toward your goals and stay on track. The group provides the space and support for you to easily step through how to do things more effectively with the least effort and expense! You’re a focused, dedicated, high-achiever who wants to make a difference.... Right?

Some people may think you’re crazy, but I don’t. I just want to give you that boost you need, help you learn from my experience and mistakes... And provide the steps that will save your sanity.

To truly be successful in business, you can't go it alone.


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In my beginning, I  was in chaos...

startup business owner sane spaces

Entrepreneurs often have so many questions and not enough answers!

Perhaps you can relate to this too. When I launched Sane Spaces, without a mastermind group, I found myself wasting so much time trying to find answers to questions I really didn’t even know I had.

  • I wasted SO MUCH TIME on social media and non-revenue-generating tasks.
  • I signed up for HUNDREDS of freebies to get my questions answered and build my business.
  • I longed to stop wasting my time and desperately wanted balance in my life again.
  • I cut out my own needs (and those of my family) to make room to do it all in my business.

What I most wanted then...

When I was in 'late start-up' phase of my business, I had too many questions and not enough answers. This caused me to put off working 'on my business'. Instead, I got caught up working IN my business.

I really wanted to find people who would guide me on what was most important to do to build my business. What I didn't know about was the game-changer that a mastermind group could provide! I needed help sifting through the weeds of starting my business, and getting the most important things implemented easily and cost-effectively. It wasn’t that I was cheap, but I was averse to wasting money on things that weren’t guaranteed. I struggled with self-doubt. And I was tentative with just about everything I did. The decisions I made then were constantly second guessed. Was I making the right ones? Without access to expertise in an easy-to-find way, I tried to do all things and ended up exhausted and bordering on burnout!

I worked like a DOG my first year, and am embarrassed to say that I only made $12,000.

When I look back at the obscene amount of time I spent on things that generated little to no income at all, it still makes me a little sick. Because I knew that had I returned to my career, I could have easily made 10 times that amount and MORE for the same investment of my time. Of course, that choice would have been at the cost of losing flexibility. And frankly, once I got the taste of freedom, I really didn’t want to go back to the corporate grind of commuting and dreadfully long days away from my home, my family and my life.

I was on an emotional roller coaster!

Living through that frustrating time in business was hard! And oh the time I wasted! Not to mention how long it took me to become actually profitable. Sometimes I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster! I’d be elated to work with a client, and then there were the dark times when I really felt sorry for myself, and even times I felt angry, confused and fed up! There were even days when I looked in the mirror I wondered if I should even continue down this mompreneur path. Because frankly, it would have been much simpler and more profitable to sell Avon, or Pampered Chef, or Lia Sophia…

But, I didn’t give up. I joined huge Mastermind Programs for 4 years!

I finally raised my white flag and got some help. I joined a few LARGE mastermind groups (250+ people) and they were helpful, but still missing that key component I felt I needed: that 1-1 support. And that is what makes all the difference for entrepreneurs who join powerful mastermind programs.

Because of all of this I realized what was missing for most entrepreneurs. I resolved to make it easier for you by building a successful coaching business with opportunities for different levels of mastermind programs designed to support solopreneurs and small business owners.

And 1-1 support, accountability, and guidance are what finally made all the difference for me and my business results.

To be truly successful, we all need a safe space to explore ideas, get feedback, and brainstorm. As a result, most often this element of inspiration is missing after the glow of early startup fades. And so, this program will make it easier for you by providing access to tools, templates, scripts, and shortcuts SPECIFICALLY designed to support small business owners in three stages of their business: post-launch, early growth, pre-leverage.

So, this monthly mastermind program is for small business owners who want flexibility and freedom, yet the downbeat of a monthly accountability group to stay on track toward their goals!

I feel called to help you shorten your Biz-Success-Gestation time. And, I am determined to make it easier for you to build a business that fits and will thrive, not just survive (and nearly kill you in the process!)

Running a successful business takes time and focus, and that's why I am now offering a monthly mastermind support group at a price you'll LOVE!

Are you ready to turn things around?

This monthly mastermind is that downbeat you need to keep marching forward and stay on track.

Join the Monthly Mastermind Q&A Program!for incremental, step by step training, hot seats and real discussions with real people who own real businesses who want to make a real difference.

We meet the first Fridays each month. You'll get a bite-sized training module, marketing guidance, accountability and answers to the questions that are keeping you stuck. Each month, you'll log in for ninety minutes of incremental, step by step training, hot seats and real discussions with real business owners who want to make a real difference and improve their results. 

I hope you say yes!


Mastermind Program for Small Business

Monthly Mastermind Q&A Program Helps You Implement Incremental Improvements

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