Business Planning Retreat

January 6-8, 2020

Attention: High-performance entrepreneurs and small business owners struggling to get it all done!

Planapaloozah 2020 Business & LIfe Planning Retreat

Get all your ducks all in a row for next year!

How does this sound?

  • More time to spend with family and friends
  • More clients and more profit
  • True plans and structure to help you prioritize your endless tasks
  • The ability to focus as soon as you start working each day
  • A productive approach to business administrative days so you can get niggly detailed tasks completed regularly
  • An end to wasted time on social media
  • 3 days of private time away from your office and family to get your thoughts together
  • An approach to weekly planning that makes you feel calmer, more centered, and productive next year?
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Back Story

I know how hard it is to run a solo business. In fact, it’s crazy to try to do it off the cuff, without a plan.

Before I created the Planapaloozah business planning retreat, I struggled to figure out how to be more efficient and effective. As a result, I spent years bordering on burnout.

I worked crazy long hours, wasted time on the wrong things, and almost quit many times!

Finally, after way too many sleepless nights, I realized that to juggle priorities and stay productive with the many hats I wore, I needed a way to easily prioritize my work so I could be productive it little bits of time.

There was no better way to overcome chaos than a thorough plan.

I sat down and set goals. And then I created a TACTICAL PLAN TO GET IT ALL DONE!

From there, I could finally see on paper what was working and what wasn’t to get me toward my goals.

I could also see what tasks were producing a payoff – and those that were not.

When I had the data, I could prioritize tasks daily, distinguish what I had to do and drop or delegate the rest!

My dark days ended when I finally pulled all those pieces together.


This successful experience was the seed that has grown into Planapaloozah the premier business planning spa retreat for entrepreneurs.

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Is this true for you?

  • Do you and your business have a love/hate relationship?
  • Are you strapped with work at times and then hear crickets at other times?
  • Is your time focused on the right things to get you toward your goals?

My guess is – there’s probably some room for improvement in your approach to planning.

How do I know?

Well, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients, and talked to thousands of business owner colleagues who are consistently overwhelmed, starved for time, and struggling with planning – so I decided to do something about it myself.

And THAT is how the Planapaloozah business planning spa retreat was born twelve years ago!

The Planapaloozah business planning retreat is a done-for-you 3-day off-site workshop for small business owners.

It’s designed to help you get your business tasks, editorial calendar, life and business events scheduled. Once you’ve planned it out, you’ll stay productive and organized in your business so you have time for living!

If you want to:

  • Learn from your financial, social, and networking results last year
  • Set realistic income targets and plan how to achieve them each quarter
  • Know exactly what to do each month, week and day that delivers results in your personal life and business
  • Plan your editorial and publishing calendar
  • Brainstorm the content to post, produce and promote by week throughout the year
  • Effectively delegate non-revenue tasks to assistants, interns or helpers
  • Be the CEO and only focus on marketing and better serving your clients

You can do it all at the Planapaloozah Business Planning Spa Retreat

With out a plan, breakdowns happen that:

  • waste your precious time – your most valuable asset
  • make your workday feel chaotic
  • result in business clutter
  • make it hard to prioritize what to do
  • make you feel foggy and unfocused
  • leave administrative tasks undone
  • allow you to waste time online and on social media

How does the  Planapaloozah business planning retreat support Work-Life Balance?

I see so many amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners try to wing everything regarding their business results…  While I’m all about spontaneity, I know there is a better, safer way to fly…

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A Master Plan is the secret behind creating a profitable, enjoyable business

FINALLY the chance to learn how to deliver on your revenue goals and create a reasonable work-life balance… You can always change plans, but you cannot function well without a plan, to begin with.

One of the difficulties I faced in the early stages of my own business was finding the time to plan. I LOVED launching products, programs, and serving clients, but the administrative tasks kept me up at night!

I found myself looking at others and asking: How do they do it? How do these people create launch after launch, and event after event – and create a reliable income stream with a client-attractive platform?

The truth is if you want to:

  • feel organized and in control of your time
  • prioritize your tasks weekly
  • enhance your productivity and end cyber-slippage
  • maintain your flexible schedule, and
  • manage reliable assistance through delegating administrative tasks

You MUST lay out your strategy, align your goals and implement a tactical plan for every part of your business

It’s that simple.

That’s what is available to you at the Planapaloozah business planning spa retreat.

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For years, I was so tired of working so hard (by myself, chained to my computer) without realizing the financial results, that I did something about it!  I created Planapaloozah!

Planapaloozah Business Planning Spa Retreat is optimal for solo and small business owners, designers, coaches, entrepreneurs, health-care providers, entertainers, work from home business owners, online marketers, and part-time direct sales businesses!

If you’re an expert at what you do, have a business and try to do most of your marketing yourself (or with a small team), this is the course for you! Bring your laptop, last year’s results, your brain and a friend!

The 3-Day LIVE Planapaloozah 2020 Business Planning Spa Retreat at the luxurious Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA. January 6, 7 & 8, 2020.


*Program details and Hotel information will be delivered after a successful course registration.*

Guests at Planapaloozah with Sane Spaces, LLCWhy attend the Planapaloozah business planning spa retreat?

There's no stronger way to start off the year with a planning retreat.  It's a sweet and sane way to ring in the New Year! This business planning retreat has been perfected for the small business owner for twelve years.

The beginning of the year is a great time for new thoughts, strategies, and approaches.

If you're on the fence - just make the leap - and the net will appear with done-for-you templates, modules to walk you through last year's results, gaps and plan your big year. So, don't wait... Grab your place today because enrollment fills up quickly!

Get your life in flow through a thorough and comprehensive business and life plan.  Not only will you kick off the year with a great networking opportunity with local colleagues, but you'll also be able to complete any 'unfinished planning tasks' the following week from the comfort of your own home office!

Planapaloozah 2020 GroupHow do you plan for your business' success?

If you want to ensure your business success, save countless hours managing your business administration tasks, and avoid winging your business maintenance tasks by default, please sign up TODAY!

This program provides structure and pacing to motivate you to complete your most important planning tasks by the end of the year!

Each module is kicked off by a learning segment to help you set the stage for the deep work you need to do.

This approach follows a proven annual planning process I've used with small business owners for more than ten years.

Three days gives you the time you need to really go deep into your business and marketing strategy for the coming year. The third day will help you get all that content out of your head and down on paper so your editorial content and social media calendar will be ready to implement!

I created this one of a kind premier business planning spa retreat after listening to hundreds of clients and colleagues and watching their frustration with everything they had to accomplish! So, I set out to pull out all the stops, engage my 25+ years of corporate management training and design the perfect retreat for small business entrepreneurs. I know you because I AM YOU! We are balancing busy client work and trying to do the marketing on the fly. Unfortunately, too often this type of lifestyle leads to burnout, overwhelm and low client conversion. Therefore, following a solid tactical plan buys you back your time, keeps you organized and works in your favor for the entire year! But, seating is limited - so enroll today!

Your Planapaloozah Business Planning Spa Retreat Investment Includes

Who is better to invest in than you and your skills? Welcome to an opportunity to invest in yourself! The time spent at the retreat is time away from everything else that pulls at your attention. It will pay you back a hundred-fold! In addition to the experience to network with hundreds of other participants, here's what your Planapaloozah business planning spa retreat tuition includes:


  • Enrollment in the Live Planapaloozah 3-Day Business Planning Spa Retreat

    This year the retreat returns to the beautiful Hotel Hershey in centralized Hershey, PA.  Each module walks you through your business in review, and you'll have complete flexibility to get through all the modules and work the content when you can.

  • ©Planapaloozah 2020 Planbook

The program content has been perfected for twelve years! This Planbook has been improved year over year through generous feedback from hundreds of small business owners. As a result, the Planapaloozah Plan Book will guide you through the entire two-day process. In addition, you'll be able to capture your ideas and stay organized!

  • Customizable Worksheets & Business Planning Templates

The program is improved every year based on attendees' feedback. So you can be sure everything you get is helpful. Customizable worksheets help you plan out your life and business by quarter.

During the planning workshop retreat, you cross-plan by month, week and even by day. This helps you get your business on track!

The program content has been perfected for more than twelve years! Hundreds of small business owners have worked through the playbook and provided valuable feedback to perfect the planning tools, worksheets, and templates. As a result, the Planapaloozah Plan Book will guide you through the entire three-day yearly planning process. In addition, you'll be able to capture your ideas and stay organized! The program is improved every year based on attendees' feedback. As a result, you'll lay out your business and life plans by quarter, month, week and even by day that you've got this business on track!

  • BONUS Private Integration Session

    The module approach allows you to focus ONLY on what you need. As a result, you're able to plan and implement what you want to accomplish next year in small, relevant segments. You have the opportunity to book a private coaching session with me! This can be so helpful to answer your questions and mastermind your strategy for the coming year. We'll work together to focus on your own results, ideas, and strategies and go deep.

  • BONUS Business Productivity Action Pack

    In addition to the group program materials, I've developed a Business Productivity Action Pack which includes valuable tools and resources. This bonus material alone is worth the price of the program! In addition to the workshop, you'll have everything you need to make your biz development and administrative days efficient and productive. You'll stay on track with calendars, week-at-a-glance downloadable planners, and monthly tracking tools to help support and celebrate your ongoing results!

  • Private Group Accountability and Support

    As if the program and bonus materials weren't enough - You'll be invited to join Team Planapaloozah! This group is private and hosts an open forum (available 24x7 because it's full of crazy business owners like you who work all hours... BUT, the good news is, they've all been through the program and will share openly about how to make the best use of your time. Often team members will share new resources, productivity links, tools and hacks to save time all year long! It's your option to join, and it's a great added plus to connect with other business owners who are working just like you! 

“This program is a Lifesaver! I'm a mompreneur with two small children, a full client schedule, a web TV show and a radio show! I have a lot on my plate. The Planapaloozah helped me focus on every aspect of my business and set realistic goals for my time, networking, business and revenue. Also, time spent with Cena and others in this program, allowed me to plan things out so I could delegate some tasks that took up valuable time. Last year, I was able to get support and not have to do everything entirely by myself. I cannot imagine taking the time to do this every year without her! It's totally worth the investment!”
Ingrid Prueher ~ Fairfield, CT, The Baby Sleep Whisperer, Author, Radio and WebTV Show Host

Planapaloozah allows solo and small business owners time to think, plan and strategizeHow Does Planapaloozah Work?

Built on a proven planning approach and perfected over 12 years, this retreat is designed for your success.

The retreat comes with a done-for-you Business & Life Planbook.

The workshop has ten modules in total with content that helps you work through your strategy and tactical plan for the year.

Each module is introduced with guided instructions to get your thoughts flowing. You then use the worksheets, Plan Book and templates to chart your plan.

As you formulate your ideas and strategies for success, you'll have guidance in the live retreat.

Ongoing Support of Team Planapaloozah

Also, when you return to your office, you'll have a great support group of like-minded entrepreneurs to mastermind with after the retreat.

So whenever you want feedback, to brainstorm ideas, or even to mastermind with other business owners, you can tap into the support available there!

In addition, this group provides you access to live help and advice from others, plus tips and suggestions from people who've worked with this content in their business planning process. Since group members are all entrepreneurs with different levels of experience, members often generously post valuable, helpful tips and resources that make life as an entrepreneur easier.

The Planapaloozah 3-Day Agenda

Here's the 'down and dirty' list of all the agenda for the Planapaloozah business planning retreat. Each module follows along the Planapalooza Planbook, containing done-for-you tools, templates and a step by step proven process that breaks the huge project into doable chunks.

  • Module 1 -  2019 Year In ReviewPlanning for Business & Productivity, Work-Life Balance, Planapaloozah Business Planning Retreat
    (Includes tracking tools and templates)

    Review all your analytics from last year - income, expenses, mileage, revenue, costs, and client activities.

  • Module 2 - Clearing, Closing & Casting Off
    (Gap Analysis)

    This module helps you generate a list of incomplete items and unfinished tasks from last year. You'll more easily see what to eliminate and set the next steps for what you will accomplish in the coming year.

  • Module 3 - Goal-Setting

    Determine your annual and quarterly goals for business next year.

  • Module 4 - Personal Planning, Self Care & Professional Development 2020

    Identify your personal self-care strategies, family time, holidays, special days, celebrations, birthdays and vacations.

  • Module 5 - Social Media Strategy* - Content Generation (Brainstorm Day 1, Write and Schedule on Day 3)

    Use our sanity strategy templates to generate and plan your Blog Posts, Newsletter articles, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Blab and whatever else shows up the following year. This module wraps up the first day, and you're set free with a brain full of ideas!

  • Module 6 - Social Media Strategy* - Design Your 2020 Editorial & Publishing Calendars (Brainstorm Day 2, Write and Schedule on Day 3)

    This module starts with a tactical approach to design your editorial/publishing calendar dates for next year! Use our templates to stage and schedule your social media publishing calendar. You'll stage and schedule Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Blog Posts, and also generate and schedule Newsletter content for the coming year.

  • Module 7 - Networking, JV Partners, Speaking & Support

    Identify who will you work with, partner with and align with this year to play a bigger game and make more money next year!

  • Module 8 - Client Care & Marketing

    How will you honor and nurture your existing clients and keep them happy, engaged while marketing and attracting new clients for next year? Identify and create strategies such as referral and evergreen programs, and client loyalty offers to nurture your clients and keep them coming back next year!

  • Module 9 - Business Administration & Maintenance

    Use the Business Administration Bonus Tools to plan your business administration days and establish a reasonable maintenance schedule to keep your business on track, delegate and manage your team members effectively. 

  • Module 10 - Mindset, balance, happiness, and rejuvenation

    Use the Life Wheel as a model for balance and happiness, chart your stretch goals for next year to keep you and your family happy, healthy, and fully engaged while running your successful business in 2020 and beyond.

  • Day 3 -  Content Camp

    Since so many people have asked, I've added an entire day to help you create the content you want to feature in the year to come. So, on day 3, we'll develop your content strategy. You'll learn tips about how to best incorporate Social Media into your unique business offerings. We'll begin with your keyword strategy,  curate your content, draft your workflows, you'll create crafty titles, and learn how to make the most of your brand using the social site(s) best for you.

What Else Is Included?

Your tuition includes everything you need to plan a successful year! And if you don't get it all done at the Live Event - Don't worry! Your ticket extends your experience to the 3-Day Live Business Planning Retreat Event as well!

As a part of our Team Planapaloozah Mastermind group, you'll also receive periodic access to proprietary content, downloads, webinars and value-added materials necessary for your success throughout the year!

AND YOU will get a private strategy/planning session for you alone!

  • Easy to use PRINTED FOR YOU 2020 Planbook
  • Planning Templates & Calendars
  • Sales Tracking Tools
  • Social Media Content Planner
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Planner
  • More than 700 Solopreneur Resource Referrals
  • Business Administration Productivity Pack
  • And excellent BONUS materials to support a solo entrepreneur/small business owner doing it all!!

The 3-Day LIVE Planapaloozah 2020 Business Planning Spa Retreat at the luxurious Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA. January 6, 7 & 8, 2020.


Hotel registration details will be delivered after successful registration is received.

Still not convinced? Here are some words from our Alumni!

“The program was very valuable for me, in many ways. What I thought I would get when I signed up were: Tools, dedicated time to schedule myself to prioritize important issues, coaching and guidance about the items on which I should choose to focus and a disciplined/structured approach to getting it all executed... and all of those were met, for sure! But my top takeaways actually were: I realized that with a structured approach like this, it really doesn't take a long time to focus on something that seems undaunting, like a social media calendar. This is something I typically either put off or avoid because I feel like I never have time.

I also took away that I should be actively thinking about personal goals and professional goals in a combined way. They aren't separate efforts of energy, so they shouldn't be separate efforts of intention. And finally, this workshop helped me realize I'm not doing enough work behind the scenes in my business in a disciplined, scheduled way. With my plan in place, I realize that I can easily establish a routine with a few extra hours each week that will bring me much more infrastructure and a platform for success. Also, the concept of tapping into a community of peers was not even on my radar, and I look forward to seeing how the private accountability group may be a resource for me in the future. Thanks for the support and guidance!”

Kathy Vines ~ Eastern, MA & NH, Clever Girl Organizing,



“The Planapaloozah provided me with an opportunity to take a step back and work ON my business rather than just another day IN my business. This program provides great 'Done for Me' forms and structure that I've used again and again as the year went on. I really enjoyed the supportive group to bounce ideas off. Even though I'm not a mom myself, (just a serial entrepreneur), the program was really helpful to kickstart my planning process. I'm looking forward to enrolling again to get my planning done with the support and motivation of other entrepreneurs.”
Bethel Nathan ~ San Diego, CA Officiant and Co-Founder, Ceremonies By Bethel
“As a mompreneur juggling all the pieces of my busy life and family - It's so easy to put off planning for my business. Cena's Planapaloozah took all the guesswork and excuses out of it. With forms, Q & A, all kinds of group support and Cena's loving but firm cheerleading, I was able to review this past year - the successes and the still to-do list. Then I could dream about next year, create a strategy and fill in the tactics on a quarterly and weekly basis. Knowing I have a plan for next year frees me up to focus on my clients and marketing. I could not have done it without Cena. Do yourself, your family and your clients a favor and get this program.”
Catherine Avery ~ Fairfield, CT Owner, Productivity By Design



If you are not completely satisfied with your investment in the Planapaloozah email me privately and I'll refund your tuition, no questions asked.

Check Out These Bonus Materials

  • Sunday Sanity Summit Planning Templates to use weekly

  • Blog Content Planner Template to help you write killer blog posts that increase your website traffic and expertise!

  • Business Development Productivity Checklist to stay focused and task-oriented on your admin days - Laminate it and use it every time you have a planning day!

  • Weekly Plan-at-a-Glance Template and 90 Day Business Planner Template

  • 2020 Planning Calendars the program materials include different styles of planning templates and calendars to help you customize your approach.

  • Entrepreneur Resource Guide this list contains more than 800 resources including business tools, apps, and resources for you to help you manage anything in your business.

But Wait... There's Even More!

You'll Receive Mastermind Support From "Team Planapaloozah" Group all year long!

All those enrolled become part of a growing private accountability group that remains open all year for questions and support throughout the process.

More From Planapaloozah Alumni!

Today I sat down with my new editorial calendar and worked for an hour. I have subjects planned out for a weekly eZine, weekly blog post, adjoining products/services to highlight w/ each, and Examiner articles every 3 weeks, for the last 2 weeks of this year, and the first 2 months of next year! It was so easy, and I can see how future content creation will flow very easily as well. Thanks for helping me systematize Cena! It will definitely save me time, as well as creating a more cohesive calendar for me that feels under control. What a great way to step into the new year for me!

Dr. Dorothy Pang ~ San Bernadino, CA Certified Acupuncturist, Fertility Expert and Owner, AcuSpa

Kelly Schaefer ~ Yardley, PA Owner, Task Complete Personal Concierge & Errand Services

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did expect good guidance and a "systematic" approach. But I have to say... I'm blown away with the content you provided and forced us to review, work on and consider. It was well worth it. Instead of avoiding all the things I need to complete to market my own business, I've compiled my ideas and designed a schedule and support system to check things off my OWN list! It helped me, and I'll be able to help my clients and spend more time with my family because much of my strategy is done! Cena, this program will help so many people! Again congratulations on a job well done...thank you! Fabulous program!”[/testimonial3]


Will You Give Yourself The Gift of Sanity For Next Year?

Make 2020 the year you finally invest in yourself, your sanity and your business success.

It is nearly impossible for solo and small business owners to do everything themselves! Not only is it difficult to be great at everything you do, you still need to serve your clients, create and service your products, and be accountable for all your business marketing and sales. Planning is a huge gap for most entrepreneurs! In fact, there are just not enough hours in the day. So this coming year, don't hold yourself hostage to your business planning and marketing all year long. Rather, join Planapaloozah the business planning retreat and get the heavy lifting out of the way early in the year!

To get all the benefits from this program, most participants say they'd pay double or triple. But I want to encourage you to stay accountable to yourself and provide support and direction. I priced this exclusive retreat at a rate that will help you reach an EASY - HECK YES!

In summary, think of this as an investment in yourself and your own sanity!  Join me for the Planapaloozah business planning retreat! It's totally worth setting the time aside and getting your thoughts together for the new year.  Time spent planning saves your time later.

Don't go it alone next year. Plan a solid strategy to stay organized while creating the revenue and the results you want. At Planapaloozah Business Planning Retreat you'll systematize your work and tasks so you can get more done, delegate to others, and free your time to do make work matter with time left for living the life you want!

PS - Take advantage of the support and ease of planning to get your business on the right track next year! Don't delay - act now with the Early Bird Discount! 


The 3-Day LIVE Planapaloozah 2020 Business Planning Spa Retreat at the luxurious Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA. January 6, 7 & 8, 2020.


*Program details and Hotel information will be delivered after a successful registration.*

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