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If you’re ready to declutter and purge your cabinets, countertops, file cabinets and storage spaces get this e-book and get started today!

Warning your uncluttered home and work environment await!

Have you ever gone on a purge spree through your living spaces? Do you ever get SO FED UP with stuff in your cabinets, counters and closets that you could scream?

Well, what if I told you that one of the easiest ways to lower your frustration was to simply start uncluttering… one tiny space at a time? When you begin to feel what it’s like to live in uncluttered spaces, you’ll get excited! Uncluttering your space, one space at a time, goes a long way to keep you motivated and on track to live more and uncluttered life, much more simply!

Many of my clients are strangled by the clutter in their homes and hiding places. When asked why people keep unwanted items, most people respond with: “I didn’t know I could throw this away… I thought I had to keep it?”  Well, if you’ve ever wondered about how to unclutter common household items and how long you should keep all those papers, warranties and other things lurking deep in your file cabinet, this ebook will set you free!

The Time To Toss It Out ebook contains loads of decluttering advice and parameters to help you decide what to keep and what to toss into the trash! If you’re completely stalled in your unclutter efforts, because you lack motivation, get this book! Or if you’ve put off cleaning cabinets, collections and long-kept items, this little inexpensive ebook will kickstart your process! Imagine what it will feel when you walk into your uncluttered bedroom or your organized kitchen! Imagine how nice it will be to welcome people into your uncluttered home for a cup of tea?

When you have the urge to purge, you need reliable guidelines for letting go of long-kept items. This ebook answers your questions about what you must keep and for how long.

Inside you’ll find parameters on how to declutter everything in your home from beauty products, to kitchen supplies and when you should toss items throughout your home. There is a special segment on purging your paper files and how long records should be retained.

In summary the Time To Toss It Out Ebook Get Uncluttered and Organized! will inspire you to kick start your de-cluttering frenzy! Download this ebook today!

Reader Raves!

“5.0 out of 5 stars A Wealth of Expert Knowledge on How to Declutter Your Home and Manage Your Important Papers and Vital Documents! June 8, 2013

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“Time To Toss It! Get Uncluttered & Organized,” written by Cena Block is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in learning how to declutter and organize their house. The author explains with great expertise how to properly store and contain common household items.

How Long To Keep Items and When To Toss Items Out

Cena provides excellent guidelines on “how and when” to clean out your cabinets, kitchen items, beauty supplies and much more. The book includes specific tips on shelf life and how to properly dispose of household items such as paints, fire extinguishers, and even medication. I especially enjoyed the helpful list of tools she recommends for organizing and decluttering the house, such as the following: boxes, file folders, label maker, etc.

Cena Block has excellent credentials as a professional organizer!  She completed diligent research with very reputable, professional resources to determine her guidelines for “when and how” to properly toss or dispose of common household items. I was extremely impressed with the author’s extensive knowledge of the subject matter included throughout her book.

Household Paperwork

One of my favorite sections of “Time To Toss It! Get Uncluttered & Organized” was all of the valuable information referencing organizing, containing, and maintaining common household paperwork including: bank statements, tax documents, medical records, etc. Cena also included information about how long to retain various receipts and warranties.

Many wonderful tips were provided to help prevent identity theft. Cena even mentioned the importance of having a home inventory listing all the resources, appliances and valuable home goods. This can be very helpful whenever there is a need to pass information on, sell a home, or produce a list of valuables.

I was also very impressed with the author’s sincere desire to want to educate and help her readers regarding home organization and paper management. She wrote her book in an organized and easy-to-read manner.

In Summary

In summary, I believe Cena’s book may be extremely valuable for the majority of people interested in organizing their home, along with their paperwork including permanent files and vital documents. I appreciate it’s step-by-step writing style which makes it easy to understand her helpful guidelines. I am extremely happy that I purchased her book and I definitely plan to refer back to the book many times as a great resource.

I would like to thank the author for researching and compiling this very helpful reference regarding home organization and paper management. You can easily see that Cena definitely has a great desire to share her knowledge and expertise with her readers. “Time To Toss It! Get Uncluttered & Organized” is a factual and beautifully written book by an author who truly cares about her readers!”

Deborah A. Sawran

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