Introducing a simple online assessment that raises your awareness so you can get and stay organized, stop procrastinating and finally master time, your way!

Most people’s habits and behaviors are relatively consistent. Good, or bad, your habits are responsible for how you approach Time and Organizing.  These dominant habits are what you’ll discover when you take the TSSI.

Your Productivity Personality Style Preferences indicate the natural habits that can either help or hinder how you manage time and stay organized. Although you can’t change your personality traits, you can work with them to create custom solutions that make your life work better and help you reach your goals.

The TSSI™ gives you insight into your natural productivity habits. With greater awareness, you’ll naturally experience essential mindset shifts that help you overcome chaos, restore control in your spaces, and feel freedom and authority over the time you have. Welcome calm, control, and serenity into your life with the TSSI™.

Stop the madness of being dominated by missed appointments, late payments and chaotic home and workspaces with the Time & Space Style Inventory!

The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™) helps you unlock the chains of time and space!

Many people who’ve had life-long struggles with time management or space organization believe they are doing something wrong; that no matter what they try, their constant struggles will never cease.


But we all struggle sometimes…

The solution can be as simple as understanding your natural styles. There are style preferences for time management and organizing space.

When you know yourself, you’re better able to make choices that reduce your stress and move ahead with ease and harmony – and live your life in flow.

When you set yourself and your systems up to live in flow, you are naturally more productive and satisfied. The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™) will help you figure out your unique flow formula. When you figure out your dominant personality style preferences, you’ll be able to remedy your spaces and time habits for good.


Time Personality Style Types

Organizing Personality Style Types


The TSSI 1Pass is a one time purchase. The $37 investment provides access into the proprietary online assessment. Once you answer 84 questions you’ll instantly receive your personality style preferences via your unique personal Flow Personality Style Report. In addition you also receive access to the TSSI Hub with style-specific information and style-preference printable downloads to help guide you. These resources will help you personalize your time management and organizing strategies, and create habits that help you support your style preferences in all areas of your life.


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Are you a Consultant, Coach or Professional interested in using TSSI for your business?

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