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The TSSI will help you learn how to stop wasting time and finally get and stay organized. Read more about this revolutionary new Time and Organizing Productivity Styles Assessment below.

Learn how to stop wasting time and finally, stay organized!

The TSSI is an online assessment that provides a baseline report so you can learn how to stop wasting time and finally help yourself get organized for good.

If ADHD, time management, or staying organized are your big challenges you need the TSSI. This one simple assessment helps you learn how to stop wasting time and stay organized at home and work. It can also help your spouse!

The TSSI helps you stop wasting time and finally stay organized for life. This report will raise your awareness of your natural tendencies. There are no right or wrong answers. There are just habits and tendencies that either help you to manage your time and stay organized or stand in the way of living a full life.

Take the TSSI for a baseline style report, so you can stop procrastinating,
get and stay organized, and finally, master time so you can thrive!

Awareness-Action Model, Sane Spaces, How To Take Informed Action

Most often, your habits and behaviors are relatively consistent.

And, like it or not, your past behavior is a pretty good predictor of future behavior. So, good, or bad, your current habits are affecting how you approach managing time and getting organized.

Therefore, your habits and natural behaviors are how you are 'wired up'. They work together to determine your style preferences, and that's what you'll discover when you take the TSSI.

Your Productivity Personality is made up of many tiny decisions you make daily. And, it's also about the actions you take (or do not take) that become habits.  Your habits either help or hinder how you manage time and stay organized. With the TSSI, you can stop wasting your time and start doing more useful things that will keep you on track, on time, and more organized and productive.

That's Just The Way I Am... Maybe

Although you can't change your personality traits, you CAN get more curious. And you can also work more productively when you know what's in the way.

When you discover and truly embrace your natural time management and organizing styles, you get real about what's in the way. With this report, you'll instantly learn how to create custom solutions that make your life work better and help you reach your goals.

Your TSSI™ report helps you see and describe your natural productivity habits with time and organizing. When you gain self-awareness, you can no longer continue doing things the same way you've always done them.

And when you're self-aware, you naturally experience essential mindset shifts that help you overcome chaos, restore control in your spaces, and feel freedom and authority over the time you have. Welcome calm, control, and serenity into your life with the TSSI™.

Are You Tired Of Disappointing Yourself and Others?

Stop the madness of missed appointments, late payments, and living in a disorganized, chaotic home. Your key to sanity is through the Time & Space Style Inventory.

The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™) helps you learn how to stop wasting time and stay organized. Use it to unlock the tension you have with time and space!

Many people who've had life-long struggles with time management or organization believe they are doing something wrong; that no matter what they try, their constant struggles will never cease. Many times though, it's simply a matter of never really learning what works for them.

Help with time and help with space organizing

We all struggle sometimes...

The solution can be as simple as understanding your natural styles. There are style preferences for time management and organizing space.

Self-awareness leads you to make better choices that reduce stress and move you forward with ease and harmony. You will learn to drop tension and live your life in flow, and thrive.

  • Wouldn't you love it if your time management and organizing systems helped you instead of hurt you?
  • Are you fed up with frustration and exhausted by flying by the seat of your pants?

It's time to stop wasting your most precious resource and help yourself to get and stay organized. You deserve to live in a flow where you are naturally productive and satisfied.

The TSSI helps you learn how to stop wasting your time
and finally, get and stay organized.

The Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™) will help you finally hack your productivity problems and figure out your unique flow formula. When you figure out your dominant personality style preferences, you'll be able to remedy your spaces and time habits for good.



Learn how to stop wasting time and stay organized | TSSI

The TSSI 1Pass is a one time purchase. The $37 investment opens the online assessment. You'll answer 84 questions to help determine how you currently manage time and organize. Then, you'll receive your personality style preferences for time management and staying organized. This is your Flow Style  Report.



Time Personality Style Types

Organizing Personality Style Types


In addition, you'll access the TSSI Hub. Inside you'll unlock style-specific tips, hints, hacks, and printable downloads. And these style-ready tools will help you make the small shifts to stop wasting time and start getting organized.

Also, the TSSI Report and resources will help you get real about your own habits. Of course, when you know more about what's natural for you, you can personalize your time management and organizing strategies. Once you know where your sources of tension come from, you can build healthier routines and habits that support your style preferences in all areas of your life.

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learn how to stop wasting time and get organized


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