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Do you feel consumed and overwhelmed trying to keep up with the "demands" of being active in social media?

Would you like to make your cyber time profitable - instead of feeling like you are constantly feeding a monster who wants everything for free - yet gives very little in return?

My name is Cena, I'm a Life-Flow Productivity Coach for entrepreneurs. I'm on a mission to simplify tasks for small business owners. Whenever I can, I try to ease the pains associated with entrepreneurship, and make things easier wherever I go. I'm here now to help you take the pain out and put the profit in your social media efforts with my special master event...

Why this program?

I've gathered experts for each social media platform who are successfully using them to generate leads, connect, and profit. Their classes provide you with easy to implement, step by step tips for each featured platform. They'll step you through the basics from how to set your profiles up effectively to how to get the most bang for your time spent. When you optimize your strategy, step by step - it's simple.

You'll discover the gaps in your social strategy and finally get it all done... right!

Why now?

Some people experience gaps in business during holiday and vacation time. NOW is a great time to catch up. Grab your laptop, sit by the pool, follow the tips and checklists provided, and finally harness the power of  social media for the good of yourself, your business and your clients! When you triage your social profiles and truly understand where your ideal clients are hanging out - social media can be your best marketing tool.

  • Here are some of the features!
  • Experts for every platform detail simple steps to get you started or optimized.
  • Downloadable templates to help support you after the class is over.
  • Your free pass delivers 2 new classes each day that are live for 24 hours. This will keep you supported and motivated to take action!

The Master Class Series offers you the ability to get your social media profiles set up and optimized once and for all!

Master Class Series!
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Expertise, structured how tos and support! Each expert shares tips and step by step details for each platform just for you!

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Deb ComanDeb Coman

Deb Coman is a speaker, communication strategist, writer, and editor helping entrepreneurs, business coaches, authors, and energy healers get their message out into the world in a polished, professional way so they can Get Clear, Get Noticed, and Get Paid!

Deb believes that effective communication is the cornerstone to a successful business and that everyone can establish a content-rich, relationship-based marketing strategy that helps them to create and share their messages with more ease and less stress.

Clients include Huffington Post writers, publishing companies, business coaches, and entrepreneurs. They share that Deb “gets” them and translates their thoughts and ideas into online content including website copy, sales pages, blogs, newsletters, and social media including live streaming with a strategy based on relationship marketing. Her talks share these same strategies in an engaging, captivating manner that is content-rich and easy to implement.

Deb lives in Syracuse, NY with her husband, three sons and a brand new puppy...just to keep life interesting. Connect with her and find out more at


Deb Coman

Periscope Live Stream Expert

Cara Chace

Cara Chace is a social media bosslady. Cara’'s goal is to empower small businesses with the tools and knowledge to end their frustrations with social media. Formerly in law enforcement, she believes in "just the facts ma'am" when it comes to creating social media strategies for clients. She has worked with everyone from solopreneurs to a world-renowned band - at one time managing 13 million social media fans on her own. With her creative awesome sauce and to-the-point strategies, she develops well-rounded, easy to understand plans to help you use social media effectively for your business.

Cara Chace

Pinterest Expert

emily parksEmily Parks

Emily Parks is a Productivity Consultant who founded Organize for Success in 2007. Emily helps time-crunched professionals and corporate teams drive desired results, streamline work spaces, improve processes efficiency, and add the right tech tools on PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones, Evernote, Outlook and much more. Emily is an Evernote Certified Consultant and an Instructor at North Carolina State University’s Technology Training Solutions Center. She received the Triangle Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Leadership Award and was awarded the 2015 Mary Diener Spirit / Member of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Greater Raleigh Chapter. You can find her at

Emily Parks

Google Expert


Yasmin NguyenYasmin Nguyen

Yasmin is the CEO of Vibrance Global, a strategic video marketing and production company, and the founder of the Video Confidence Academy. He believes that in order to grow our business, serve more people, make more money, and reclaim our precious time, we must use tools like video in a strategic way to reach more people, establish industry authority, and generate more business income. With more than 18 years as an entrepreneur and 10 as a marketing strategist and video production expert, he has help more than 450 businesses and 30 nonprofits share their powerful stories through video. He has worked with Fortune 500 executives, best-selling authors, and influencer like SARK, Jonathan Fields, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has conducted over 400 video interviews, edited 10,000 hours of videos and produced more than 3,000 videos. You can find him at

Yasmin Nguyen

Video Marketing Expert

Deb-Lee-CPOR1Deb Lee

Deb Lee Is addicted to apps and loves helping entrepreneurs leverage technology in their companies. Her mission is to help you grow your business and use your tech power for the good… like a geeky Glinda, the good witch. To span the tech Gap – Deb’s worked with companies and brands for more than 9 years, educating entrepreneurs, leaders, and even CEOs on how to use technology to boost their brand’s profile and become more productive. Deb is a Digital Business Coach, Certified Professional Organizer®, speaker, and productivity consultant. You can find her at

Deb Lee

Twitter Expert

Linda ClevengerLinda Clevenger

Linda Clevenger works with entrepreneurs, businesses and homeowners to help them create the space to get and stay organized. Linda’s passion led her to create both a TV Show and Blog–An Organized Mind. Linda teaches the Scrum Method of Project Management through her newest venture: Scrum Training Academy. In 2015 Linda completed her certification as a LinkedIn Profile Writer and trains both entrepreneurs and companies to grow their profiles and use the power of LinkedIn to build a company presence and harness the power of the cyber universe. You can find her at

Linda Clevenger

Linked In Expert

Dana FreiburgDana Freiburg

Dana Freiburg has been organizing and practicing Interior Design for more than 20 years. Her simple philosophy “organization is central for work life to be in balance” spawned the name of her company: Organization Central. Dana helps busy, overwhelmed professionals, executives and small business entrepreneurs develop customized systems to improve their work and life. Dana's passionate about creating customized solutions for individual needs. As an Evernote Business Certified Consultant she helps individuals harness the power of Evernote to improve communication, facilitate collaboration and streamline daily operations. You can find her at

Dana Freiburg

Evernote Expert

smarthappyorganized200wideAutumn Leopold

Autumn Leopold is a Professional Organizer and Professional Blogger. She is the creator of the DIY organizing blog, This blog focuses on organizing, home decor, practical family tips, as well as blogging and social media tips for entrepreneurs. Autumn offers social media strategy, blog optimization strategy and home and family organizing online training programs. Autumn is a national and chapter member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) as well as a national volunteer. You can find her at

Autumn Leopold

Blogging Expert

Lauri FlaukerLauri Flauker 

Lauri Flaquer has three decades of global entrepreneurial marketing, media positioning and business experience. Drawing on a long history at NBC, CNBC and Bloomberg, LP, Lauri developed a proven strategy that transforms subject matter experts into nationally known media personalities. Lauri is the creator, producer and host of Focus Forward, a television show that currently highlights the international Amazon experts. Lauri is co-creator and co-trainer of The Amazon Explosion, a multi-day intensive, hands on course that teaches people how to sell on Amazon. You can find her at

Lauri Flauquer

Amazon Expert

Cena_243x270.pngCena Block
Cena Block is on a mission to save mompreneurs from 'Solo-biz Superhero Syndrome...’ giving everything they have to everyone else while leaving themselves last on the list. She helps entrepreneurs with no time and too many tasks on their plate get focused and organized, strategize and systematize so they get back in control and build a profitable, sustainable life-centered without burning out. Cena firmly believes that great moms will change the world, first by centering on their values, and then prioritizing and spending their time doing brilliance-based business tasks to create profitable, sustainable revenue streams.


Cena Block

Planning & Systems Expert

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    Two classes are hosted each day and are free to access for 24 hours! But, if you’d like to purchase the entire series, your ‘All Access Pass’ will allow you to review the classes through the end of this year!

  • Social Media Chemistry

    Learn the chemistry behind each featured platform so you can create your own formula for success!

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    Millions are made daily via successful sales and marketing campaigns on every platform.

  • Connect The Dots

    Create a consistent look and approach across platforms so you’re easily recognizable by your tribe!

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    Stop putting it off! Get started or learn secrets to optimize what you’re already doing!

  • Grow Your Following

    Determine your strategy and niche, then start delivering high value content where followers are already gathered for you!

  • Love Your Tribe

    The feel-good ju-ju happens when you step into service. Your tribe will love you and keep coming back for more!

  • Connect With Community

    A targeted social strategy aligns your intuition, purpose and passion! When you get clear and consistent your community shows up for you!

  • More Fans & Followers

    Grow your sphere! Expert advice helps you sort through the social clutter so you can find fans and followers easier!

  • ... and much more

    You won’t want to miss the awesome advice… who knows what might happen?

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  • You would love to stay authentic an aligned while serving your fans and followers

Get the Whole Master Class Series!
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